It is here! Hurry up! You don't want to miss out on these amazing sales.

1. Thigh High Christmas Socks

This over the knee sock is extremely cool that comes with a christmasy theme. It is a white sock with some red patterns on it that gives you that amazing christmas feeling. It is a must if you are looking to have a good looking and also a cute and comfy sock. Check it out right here!

2. Handmade Jackets

These jackets are extremely cool and very limited in stock! One of them includes the amazing basketball player Michael Jordan's photograph printed on a brown colored jacket and the other one has the punk look on a white denim. They are extremely stylish and a must if you are a collector. They are all handmade and in this sale, it is really worth it! So, if you are into handmade jackets that has some pop on them, you should check it out. You can find our jackets right here with the ones that we just talked about!

3. Crewneck Sweatshirt

Just like the jacket above, this sweatshirt includes Michael Jordan. If you are more into sweatshirts and jumpers, then this is the sweatshirt that will brighten up your mood and give you the extra pop in your oufits. It is also handmade which means the quality is extremely good. If you want to check it out, you can find it right here!

4. Hairband for the Ponytail Lovers

Hairbands are not something that will go out of use anytime. It is a must for every long haired person. Different to the hairbands that you will find outside, our pack includes 100 amazing colorful hairbands that you can also style with your outfit. You can either go for a black or a pink depending on your mood. Plus, you know how easy it is to lose these little lifesavers. So, having 100 of them will give you a lifetime supply of amazing, high quality, good-looking hair days. So, check them out, right here!

5. Days of the Week Socks

This pack of socks comes with 7 different colored and styled socks that represents everyday of the week. They are mostly made with cotton and really stylish as well. Having 7 of them, 1 for everyday of the week, makes it really easy to use if you are going on a 1 week vacation. Just pack this set with you and you are ready to go. You don't have to wear the corresponding day sock as well. If you are a wild-minded person, just wear the wednesday sock on a tuesday. How are we to judge? If you want to check it out, click right here!

6. Regular Black Stockings

Of course, there will always be a regular, non-crazy looking item as well. This sock is really clean and modern looking. It is over the knee so, perfect for that winter day to keep your legs warm. Also, really stylish to wear. It has stripes at the end of it to give that extra pop. You can match it with some skirt as well. Yes, it is cold but, these sock can keep you warm. Trust us! If you want to see it, check it out right here!

7. 3 Pairs Unisex Socks

Hear us out! If you are trying to go for a purchase after reading this blog well, then this one is the guaranteed one. This amazing 3 set is extremely humorous. It includes 3 different themed sock pairs and really funny printed images for the maximum fun! They are extremely comfortable and suitable for both men and women. If you want to check it out, which you should they are awesome, click right here!

There you have it! We have a lot more stuff on our sales page which you can find by clicking right here! You can also check out our different products that we have such as towels, beanies, ear muffs and etc. by checking out our "Not Mug and Socks" section.

Thank you for reading. See you on the next one!