We love us some tea on a winter day with some wool socks on me. It is just really relaxing and it makes you think a lot about yourself. We all know that winter is coming, and it will be cold. So, we are here to tell you all about the mug and socks that you should buy as a combination to really increase the fun and chillness in your winter sessions.

1. Cute Fluffy Llama Mug & Colorful Chick Pattern Socks

Llama's are our favorite animals. They spit. For no reason. They are just adorable. The way they look, the way they act... We don't know maybe we are weird but, we love them. The best way to pair this amazing mug is with a cute chicken sock pack. It comes with 5 pairs and also there are 5 pairs of color schemes and chicken logos on it. They are made with cotton and the mug is made with ceramic. The mug can easily be washed on the dish washer and the socks are really durable and the combination can be an amazing factor for a really snowy day. Check the mug right here and the socks right here!

2. Magic Symbols Mug & How Are You Today Socks

Just like llamas, Harry Potter is also our favorite movie series. That is why we have an amazing magic symbols mug that has different pictures on it that are related to the Harry Potter movies and other magical things, such as snake that is related to the Slytherin, cars that is related to the flying car that Weasley's have. You can pair this mug with the amazing 10 Pairs How Are You Today Socks Set. It has different face shapes on it to show you what your mood is which can go with a really bad Monday or a really fun Saturday. Check the mug right here and the sock set here!

3. Corgi Weight Lifting Mug & Colored Stripes on White Socks

This amazing mug has a dumbbell on it with a corgi trying to lift it up. The back of the corgi is visible on the mug which makes it 10 times cuter. It is made with ceramic like the others and it can be washed on the dishwasher. To pair it, we have the amazing 8 Pairs White Socks with Colored Stripes Socks Set. These white socks are made with cotton and they are really comfortable. You can wear these in the gym and also after the gym with the amazing corgi mug while drinking a really warm tea after a great gym session. Find the mug right here and the socks right here!

4. French Bulldog on Yoga Mom & Extra Soft Socks

Doing yoga is really health for everyone. It is not only a woman's thing. Every man should also do yoga. If you want some water while doing it, grab yourself the yoga mom mug and pair it with the really soft 5 Pairs Socks Set. The socks are made with cotton and they come in 5 different color schemes. They have really small straps on them which makes them really comfy and they are also extra soft. Find the mug right here and the socks right here!

5. Programmers Life Mug & Day and Night Socks

If you are a programmer, you know that your day and night work is prolonged. It is not like you get a job and stay in it until the end. The day and night cycle of programming is really long. Even if you don't like programming, but still want to look cool while doing it, then grab yourself the amazing developers life mug and pair it with the 2 Pairs Day Midnight Socks Set that comes with 2 different color schemes that are really cool. Find the mug right here and the socks right here!

6. Deadline Mug & Wool Socks

Everybody has work to do. You don't want to go and do it all by yourself. You need a really good, really strong and really amazing friend that is always there for you. This is the deadline mug. Every time this mug is filled with milk, it shows you the amount of work that you have to do and also how much milk is left. To pair this amazing mug, we have the Wool Socks that are made with the greatest quality wool. They are really warm and soft. You can even sleep with these socks on a cold winter's night and feel happy about it. Grab some cookies and and the mug with some milk, wear your socks, put your feet towards the heater and read the book that has been sitting on your desk for a while. Believe us, you will enjoy every second of it.

There you go! These are some of the mug and socks combinations that we have for the amazing winter days. Thanks for reading. See you on the next one!