Mugs are a quintessential part of any kitchen, whether they're being used for tea time, coffee drinking sessions, soup sipping parties or even as unique vases. But why do we have so many mugs? Why did we put that mug on our wish list at the store this morning when we had a perfectly good one under the sink? What is so special about mugs that makes them so versatile and necessary in every single household?

We'll tell you why! It's all about the mug collections.

These ceramic coffee and tea mugs may seem like just a pretty piece of decor, but they're much more than that. They're actually one of the most important pieces of decor that you have in your kitchen. Not only are they used daily, but they also provide a sense of purpose and function when you have them within your collection. For example, it's a good thing that you have so many mugs when you have family members who all drink different kinds of beverages. Your mugs are used to serve coffee in the morning, and in the afternoon you can use them for any kind of cold beverage.

Mug collections are also a great way to organize and store your kitchen items. You can secure your mugs in a mug rack, or place them in a cabinet. Each mug can be used as an ornament in a glass display to show off your love of drinking coffee and tea. In fact, we strongly urge you to think about adding a few decorative mugs to your home office, living room, bedroom and even bathroom. If you have more than one mug collection, it's very important to use different containers for the mugs so that they won't get mixed up with each other.

Mug collections also provide a great place for sturdy mugs that are very fashionable. You can place your mugs on a shelf in the kitchen and display them on either side of the stove. If you use your mugs as an ornament, you can place them on a tray instead.

In short, mug collections are a wonderful way to categorize your kitchen items and keep them organized, safe and stylish!

How to start a collection?

The first step to starting a mug collection is to gather many mugs. In order to start your mug collection, you will first need to part with those old mugs that are used more than they should be. You can do so by donating them, or you can give them to a friend or family member who will use them more than they should. Be sure to use old mugs that have no chips, cracks or breaks so that they will last for a long time.

Once you have completely emptied your old mugs, it's time to add more mugs to the collection! First look at our store right here for some different mug ideas. After you find the one you are looking for, simply add it to your cart, and then complete the checkout process! As soon as you have received your new mug in the mail, you will be ready to start your collection!

The next step is to organize your mugs on a shelf or in a cabinet where they will stay safe and secure. You can do so by adding some mug stands or by placing each of them in a different container.

Then, you are ready to add a few decorative mugs to your home office, living room or bedroom so that you can hold on to your favorite mugs as decorations!

Other purposes for mugs

Besides your kitchen, there are many other places where you can display your mug collection. For example, if you purchase a few decorative mugs, you can place them in your bathroom. You can add them to your garden to look like flower vases. They also make great gifts, so be sure to think of some different gift ideas for your family and friends. If you have a mug collection that is very special to you, then it's important to keep in a safe place where it will not get broken or damaged by weather or other physical elements.

There you have it. Make sure to check out some of the greatest and the bestest mugs we have to get started for a lifetime of love for these ceramic lifesavers!

See you on the next one!