One of the most important things in life is the power of a good stocking. It's what you start your Christmas present with, it often gets stuffed into your knapsack for any upcoming excursion, and it can even enhance your wardrobe just by itself. As such, it is for the ladies that I have written this article on stocking production.

The things to consider when looking for a stocking is first of all the shape, color and pattern. The main types are of course the classic fishnet, a staple in any type of stocking collection, and the knee-high. The latter is often a bit more warm and suitable for use during winter time (be it below 20 degrees C or not) and can also be used as a fashion statement in any outfit. For the body stocking you will probably want to choose something smoother and easier to put on than a fishnet which has no stretch at all.

In this blog, I will be talking about how to style different colored stockings, and most of them will be knee high ones, so here we go!

1. Black Stockings

The most popular stockings are black. They are easily worn with many different outfits, and you can even wear a dress that is a bit shorter if you want! They are also good to wear with a tight-fitting skirt. To be worn in winter and spring, or year round depending on how you want to dress them up! The more the merrier! Wear a skirt with it to really show off your legs.

2. White Stockings

A very popular stocking is the white stocking. It has the same kind of appeal as the black stocking, but it is even more versatile! You can wear this with multiple colors, you can match it with different colors on your clothing, and depending on how you put it on, you can emphasize different parts of your legs!

3. Striped Stockings

Another popular stocking is the striped stocking. What makes this kind of stocking so appealing? Well, for one, you can match it with different kinds of item in your wardrobe and create different outfits that way! For example, if you wear a skirt with this kind of stocking, then you're good to go! If you're still worried about matching the stripe up with your outfit, then don't worry. Stripes have such a wide variety to them. Any kind of pattern and color you want! Don't be afraid to wear stripes with black or white stockings, it's all good!

4. Lace Stockings

If you ever wanted to wear a really fancy style of stocking, then lace stockings are the way to go! They are easily matched with most outfits-other than ones that have a lot of solid colors. But if you're wearing it underneath a skirt, then who cares, right? This is also one of those things that you can wear as an accessory as well, like say… if you're going out for winter, then pair it with some boots and a scarf to stay warm.

5. Christmas Stockings

A Christmas stocking is a very special kind of stocking. Why? Well, these kinds of stockings are the ones that you hang up on the fireplace! So if you're looking to make your holiday or Christmas season extra special, then get yourself a nice Christmas-themed stocking, hang it up and have it show off all your best Christmas outfits!

6. Colorful Stockings

Alright, so last but not least, there are those stockings that don't have a specific theme to them. So if you have a lot of different colored clothing and stuff, then these stockings are perfect for you! It just depends on what your style is. If you're into the colorful kind of stuff, then this is the stocking for you!

7. Wool Stockings

Ahh, the good ol' wool stocking. This is the kind of stocking you can wear with almost anything, but mainly with snow boots and a winter coat! They are warm and they keep you warm, perfect for those cold winters! So if you're a fan of winter and snowy weather, then this one is for you! Complete your outfit by putting on a scarf to protect your neck. Pretty simple, right?

Don't forget! Stockings are not only for skirts. You can wear a really long sweatshirt on you and your stockings. You are good to go for a really basic look. It can be a everyday indoors look or a quick coffee break outside look. Skirts will make it a little more serious but that doesn't mean the only way to wear them is with skirts.

Well folks, that's all I've got for now. Thank you for reading! Check out our store for different colored and patterned ones.

See you on the next blog.