The traditional black and white striped sock is one of the most popular types of socks in the world. They have been around since World War II, first appearing as design created by a South African-born artist named Rockwell Kent. A favorite fashion item that got its start in America, it quickly became a staple of many wardrobes through the course of history. Black and white stripes have adorned everything from cars to handbags to shoes, though they can be found on just about anything.

Today, black and white striped socks are an accepted and popular part of fashion. They can be worn by anyone and everyone, and stay in style year after year, making them a timeless item to own. Black and white striped socks are on shelves ready to be purchased. The high demand for them has created a number of knock-off designs and brands, but these socks are still one of the most popular.

There are two basic ways to wear black and white striped socks. The first is to wear them with minimalist or classic shoes, such as loafers or low boots. The simple design will allow the socks to be fully visible and match the shoes, though their simplicity also allows them to be worn with almost any other type of shoe. This creates a core item to pair with a variety of outfits. Wearing them with casual clothing will make a bold statement and let anyone who sees them know that the wearer is proud of their fashion sense.

Wearing black and white striped socks with similar shoes, such as white loafers, is a very popular fashion choice as well. They are often worn for sport, as the two colors help to compliment the wearer's outfit and make them stand out from others.

The second way to wear black and white striped socks is by pairing them with more colorful or themed items. A pair of red striped socks worn with red shoes instantly turns an ordinary outfit into something spectacular, with the audience's eyes automatically going to the new, more vivid shoes rather than the old ones. This shows the wearer's creative side, and also demonstrates their ability to have fun with fashion.

Black and white striped socks have been popular for decades, showing no signs of slowing down in the fashion world. They are easily paired with clothing, shoes, and accessories to create a fun and interesting look that will keep everyone looking twice.

Striped socks have become one of the most common ways to express personal style. They are often worn with classic or minimalist shoes, or with more colorful or unique items such as sandals, flap-top boots or sneakers. The stripes add a fun pop of color to an outfit and can be used to make a statement, especially in an area that can be easily on display—such as the wearer's shoes.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to wear them, but what are some of the things to keep in mind when styling to?

What to avoid with striped socks?

Avoid boring shoes. It is always a good idea to have fun with your footwear. It is basically the first thing people see of your outfit, so it is important to make a statement! Also make sure that you avoid matching too many of your outfit pieces with each other. Instead, pair your socks with everything from sneakers to loafers, and you can change the look every day.

Keep bright colors to a minimum. It is good to have a few colorful items in your wardrobe, but make sure that the majority of them are neutral tones. Bright colors can make your outfit stand out by making it too busy and distracting from what you are trying to achieve with that specific outfit. Stripes are one of the most popular patterns in style and fashion, as it is a simple way to add a pop of color to a modest outfit.

Be careful when wearing bright colors with black and white stripes. While some designs look good paired together, others don’t. For example, a collection of yellow stripe socks looks best when worn with shoes that have brown or tan soles, while an orange pair looks better with shoes that have black soles or heels. Protective soles are a must when wearing striped socks in bright colors.

Beware of durability. It's nice to have some variety in your wardrobe, but with striped socks, it's important to make sure that you get the quality you're looking for and don't end up with an item that is going to fall apart quickly. Look around online, at your local retailers and ask friends who wear them frequently. Shop for socks with a thick, sturdy fabric that is durable.

And finally, know the weather. If you want to wear striped socks during the summertime, it's best to get items that have light-colored stripes. These designs will be able to pass as white and light blue, so they can go well with any type of shoe or clothing. If you are going to wear black and white striped socks in the summertime, make sure that they have solid black stripes and not patterns on them.

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