Here in mugandsocks, we love gifting. We think that it is a really important factor in communication and social life. So, here are some of the greatest gift boxes that we have that might be a really good choice for the events that you are looking forward to.

1. Colorful Long Socks Set

Long socks are always important. And we have a lot of it and different colors of it. The special colors are available as well. The gift set comes wtih 9 different colored long cotton socks and every sock has a face on it for your mood at that current time. The socks come in two sizes and it including every color makes your outfits fit it easily. You can check it out right here!

2. Colorful Ankle Socks Set

One of the other gıft boxes that are meant for everyone is the 8 Pair Rainbow Ankle Socks Gift Set. This set also includes 2 sizes and 8 different colors. It is made with cotton and it is high heeled. Again, having it 8 different colors can make your outfits work with at least one of them. You can take a closer look into it from here!

3. "How Are You Today?" Gift Sets

We mugandsocks, love our "How Are You Today?" gift sets. They are our personal favorites. They come in different versions such as ankle, long etc. They are regular colored sock sets that has faces on it. These sets come in 2 different sizes and they are for everyone. Made with cotton, these socks feel really amazing on foot.

4. Cartoon Socks Gift Set

The famous cartoon socks are here as well. They come in 7 different pairs and they are all made of cotton. It is a set that you can wear to the office, parties and many other events. The cartoon characters on them are very soft and they will match with any type of outfit you have. There are different cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and etc. It is a must for your funny sock collections. Check them out right here!

5. Embroidered Gift Set

One of our newest sets is the Embroidered Gift Set. These ones are created with the features that make them different from others. They are all designed in such a way that it looks like they have been embroidered with the original embroidery technique. They come in 8 different colors and they all have different symbols on it. We have different embroidered sets like one including planet symbols and others including fruit symbols. We also have fast food logo'd ones as well!

6. Stocking Gift Set

Stocking is a long socks that is very commonly worn. Did you know that it is used as a gift box? We have the Stocking Gift Set where you can get the best of all worlds in one. These socks have stripes on them and they are made of high quality cottons. They will feel so amazing when you wear them. It includes 4 different colors and the colors can match with any outfit you wear! They are so cute and I highly recommend adding it to your collection! We also have a white version that has 3 pairs and colorful stripes on it.

7. Baby Socks Gift Set

This cute 5 paired sock set includes really cute extra soft socks that are perfect for your baby. It comes in 4 colors. It is adorable! Check out the gift set right here!

8. Glittery Gift Set

We have a really special gift box that is sparkling. It is the Glittery Gift Set. This one comes in 6 different colors and it can be paired with any outfit you want. It has different colors, but each has confetti on it. It is something that you can use for many occasions! How about the super cool Halloween?

9. Antibacterial Gift Box Set

Different from other gift sets, this set is specially made with a fabric that is extra soft and antibacterial which is amazing. Even though the socks get wet or dirty, the fabric will protect your feet from any bacteria. They are a must and you can check them out here!

10. Women's Multicolor Patterned Socks

This is the last one on our list, but it does not mean that this one is any less fascinating. These women's socks are made of cotton and it comes in 12 different color sets and patterned socks. Every one of the designs are amazing! What makes it charming is that every sock has a different color theme so it goes with a lot of different outfit styles.

There you have it! Some of our favorite gift sets that we include in our website. See you in our last blog!

Thanks for reading!