Your office isn't the only place where you're supposed to dress for success. You'll also want to pay close attention to your clothing for important events such as weddings, job interviews, and the like. A delicate balance of formality and comfort is often difficult to achieve, but we've got a few tips on how you can get it right. Read on!

Top socks are meant to improve your stature with a sharp look that will complement your suits and dresses in the most flattering way possible. They're also meant to provide ankle support and keep your feet warm when necessary. Read on to learn more about the best socks for formal occasions.

Keep in mind that your socks can make or break your look. Low-quality hosiery is often made with synthetic materials and is usually thin, flimsy and itchy. Top socks are made with high-quality materials like wool, silk or cotton, and they're usually thicker than their inexpensive counterparts.

There are different levels of formality too. Top socks are most appropriate for a job interview, while ankle socks are more appropriate for a funeral or maybe even a wedding. Try to select the right type of sock based on the event you're attending and how formal you need to be.

If you're considering purchasing very expensive high-quality socks in an effort to get rid all of your other less-expensive socks, think twice. You don't have to spend much either.


Things to Consider

When it comes to choosing the best socks for formal events, like we said, there are three main considerations: length, material, and pattern. If you're going to wear your top socks with your suit, you'll want to choose a pair that is long enough so that they're not visible at the back of your knees. Otherwise, this may look tacky. Don't choose top socks that are too high either – they should come up to your knees.


The Fabric

The fabric should be made of a breathable material, such as cotton. It should also not have any kind of elastic or tight band near the top, for obvious reasons. The last thing you want is for your socks to fall down and draw attention to themselves. If you're wearing a dress, avoid patterns at the ankle area – simple spots or stripes are usually best in this case.


The Color

Top socks specifically come in a variety of colors, from white and black to purple, green, and blue. You should choose the color that complements your outfit and suits you most. If you're wearing a blue or black suit, for instance, avoid green or purple socks – they'll look too bold. If you're wearing a formal dress or smart trousers, however, then yellow is probably your best option. Here is a 10 pair sock box that can go with a lot of different outfits!


What to Avoid

It's important to remember that not just any pair of socks can be worn as top socks. Your footwear has to be taken into account as well. A classic pair of black formal shoes tends to go well with white, formal socks, for instance.


The Pattern

You may not want to choose a pair of socks that has a flashy design at the top, however. This may look cheap and take away from your entire outfit. A little more relaxed patterns would be a lot better. Also if you are wearing a suit, avoid polka dots – they're meant for women, after all. Check out this one for example!


The Length

Since your top socks are an extension of your attire, they should look appropriate and not excessively long. Make sure that the socks come up to your knees, avoid showing them below your ankles, and make sure they're not too short. One of a mid-high sock that you can look for is this one!


Wear Socks Right

The best socks for formal events are those that help you maintain a professional appearance. They should be easily removed and don't start slipping around when the dress code starts to get more relaxed. Additionally, most men's socks are not made for formal wear; they're not meant to stay up and function properly.

You'll probably want to invest in a few pairs of black dress socks as well as some cotton/wool blends, along with a pair or two of white dress/casual socks.

While it's perfectly fine to wear your socks with a pair of casual sneakers or boots, you should never wear them with formal shoes – the look would be too much for the event. Make sure that your top socks are worn properly  and not just thrown on at the last minute.


Don't forget that you are you no matter how you style your outfits with your socks. Try everything and find what fits you the most!