Sport socks are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy when it comes to maintaining your health. Not only are they designed to be breathable, durable, and provide protection from blisters, they're also capable of taking moisture away from your feet in order to keep you cool and dry during rigorous workouts. You probably spend a lot of time and money on your shoes, but do you spend the same on your socks? Not all sport socks are created equal, so you'll need to research your options in order to find the best sports socks around.

There's a wrong way and right way to wear sport socks during exercise. Toe socks shouldn't be worn with shoes that aren't already broken in because they can easily get caught and ripped. On the other hand, if you're wearing your favorite running shoes, toe socks may help reduce chafing. When shopping for athletic socks , pay attention to the thickness and length of the sock. All too often, socks that are too short or too thin don't protect your feet from blisters or rubbing.

If the socks are too thick, however, they may restrict your feet and make it difficult for you to run or walk. The best socks for sports have a medium thickness that can be worn with anything from sneakers to fancy dress shoes. There are also different types of socks depending on what you need your athletic gear for. Certain socks can be worn in multiple activities, like cross training or running. Other socks are designed with specific activities in mind and should only be used by people who participate in the sport in which they were made.

Lucky for you, here at mug and socks, we have different colors and different types of it. So, here are some of them!

1. 8 Pack Different Colored Stripes on White

This sock pack includes 8 different colored stripes on white socks which can be worn with comfort. Since there are 8 different colors, you don't need to worry about the styling and color matching too. There is always going to be a clothing that will be styled to the socks. They are made with cotton and they are extremely comfortable. Check them out!

2. 6 Pack Rainbow Striped Socks on Black and White

This sock pack has 2 base colors: black and white, and all 6 of these socks include stripes that are rainbow colored. They are both stylish and comfortable. Using them with any kind of shorts or leggings will be an ease as well. Since they are sport socks, they are longer than ankle socks but shorter than knee high socks.

3. 5 Pairs Striped Rainbow Socks

This 5 pack has 5 different base colors with some white or black stripes on it to give that sporty look. The 5 different base colors can make every outfit pop. You can use these socks everywhere, not only while doing some sports. They are made with cotton and really comfortable. They are also called the tennis model, which looks really good.

4. 6 Pairs Striped Rainbow Socks

Different from the socks above, these have other colors that are not the same with the other ones. These ones also include white or black stripes. They are really comfortable and the colors really pop with a regular white shoe and a white sporty outfit. These ones are also called the tennis socks, which means they have those stripes for a reason. You don't have to only wear these while playing tennis though. It can be worn with an everyday outfit to brighten up your outfit.

5. 5 Pairs Three Colored Socks

These extra soft socks will add color to your life while making your feet feel more comfortable than ever! Every pair has a different color scheme and they look really good on a sporty outfit. The design includes some type of stripey look and these stripes are also different colored. These socks are made with first quality cotton and they have anti bacterial superior which are really healthy for your feet.

6. Black and White Socks with Rainbow Stripes

Yes, we love rainbow looks and rainbow stripes and rainbow everything but, it looks really good. These Colorful Patterned Socks are made of cotton. They are high heeled. Unisex is produced as standard. Since it has a high cotton ratio, it takes the shape of your foot and does not make a pot. They are really comfortable and you can use them in sports also with the availability of using them in a party environment.

You can check all of these 6 socks on our website in the sports socks section. Thank you for reading our blog. See you in the next one!