You know those people who always manage to put together the perfect outfit, no matter the occasion? The ones who seem to have clothes that go with everything in their closet? The ones you wonder how they do it? Well, the secret is out — they're wearing colorful socks with a black outfit anywhere else! 
And you can do it too!

Why choose black in our wardrobe?

Black is a neutral color that goes with almost everything. It's a great background for your accessories, and it can be worn with any other colors in your wardrobe without clashing or appearing tacky. Just remember to wear colorful socks! Normal black shirt (not gaudy), black shoes, and colorful socks. On the other hand, while black is a neutral color, it can be a little boring sometimes. And frankly, you shouldn't need to wear black socks with anything other than a plain black outfit. 

Does black go with everything?

It's a very popular myth that black goes with everything. If you ask me, it has the opposite problem — it clashes with almost nothing! 

Black doesn't go with absolutely everything. It is flat, and lacks the pizzazz of other colors. To make up for this, try to accessorize your outfit so that you don't need to add other colors to it. Black can be paired with white, brown, and gray. For example, consider wearing an all-black outfit with a colorful sock.

Black goes with everything you're wearing — and nothing else!

If you need to dress up in an all-black outfit, the best thing you can do is to wear a colorful sock. Choose your clothing, and then decide what color socks you will wear with it. The sock will add just enough to your outfit that it won't be bland, but not so much that it clashes with anything else in your outfit.

Why choose a colorful sock with black outfit though?

First of all, a colorful sock will add color to your outfit. When you wear colorful socks, your outfit will look more colorful. Second, you can use a colorful sock as the 'icing' on your cake if you want to jazz up an otherwise bland outfit without ruining it with accessories such as jewelry. Third, you can use colorful socks as a 'black' outfit on a black outfit. In this case, you can combine an all-black outfit with colorful socks. And finally, you can use colorful socks to save your black outfit from appearing too boring or bland. Choose a black shirt and black shoes, and then add a colorful sock to complete your ensemble.

Anything to consider when wearing black?

As I've said, the best thing you can do to wear a black outfit is to wear a colorful sock. However, if you're wearing black pants or a dress, then you need to take care of your shoes. Black shoes are very popular — they go with everything — but if you're wearing black pants or dresses, it's best that your shoes be either brown or gray. This is because, first of all, black clothes and black shoes don't exactly go together. And second, if you're wearing a dress or pants with a black dress or skirt, then you will definitely be wearing white socks!
I'll give you an example: if your black dress or skirt has a black belt, then your entire outfit will be black. But if you are wearing gray shoes instead of brown, the gray shoes will balance out the all-black outfit. However, I strongly encourage you not to wear white socks with all-black outfits.

Does knitted work? HELL YEAH!

Yes, knitwear socks are not just for winter. You can wear them year-round! I highly recommend them if you're looking to add color to your outfit. You don't have to worry about them hiding the color of your socks either — they go so well with black that they'll make the most boring outfit seem festive and fun! 

There are a lot of knitted and colorful socks in our store that you can check out and find the one for you!

Thank you for reading! Go and show your style to everybody!

See you on the next one!