In an office environment, the other employees may judge our personality directly by looking at our clothes. If you're interested in being taken more seriously or if you just want to be comfortable when at work, consider purchasing socks that are appropriate for the type of industry you wish to enter.

For example, if you're working in retail or food service, it may be appropriate to wear "business" socks. These are often slightly longer and made of a denser material that's less prone to losing its shape when you're on your feet for long periods of time. It's also more likely that they'll be made of wool or another warm material. While it's not necessary to wear business socks at all times, wearing them while at work may help make your clothes look more professional.

The type of business that you choose to enter, determines the kind of socks that you have to wear also. Arguably, business socks are the most critical aspect of an individual's appearance. They play a big role in how we're perceived at work and outside as well. In fact, We believe that there are two types of business socks: formal and casual. In any given day, you may wear both types of socks at the same time.

The formal business socks are often considered dress socks or work socks. They are the ones that we should wear to work in a professional office environment. If we're looking to build up our image as well as our career, consider getting a few pairs in different colors and styles. That way, you're able to match your formal business socks with your suits and ties in various manners. If you're going to wear them with shoes, use a formal shoe shine.

What about casual business socks? Only businessmen that are serious about their careers wear them to work. For example, it's not uncommon for investment bankers or highly paid lawyers to have many pairs of casual business socks in their offices. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns, yet they're less formal than dress socks. That's why we only wear them on Fridays or when we have company meetings outside the office.

For most of us, casual business socks are the type of socks we wear to work. They're neither too formal nor too casual. Most of them are in greys and whites which resemble the color palette one would see in a corporate office. I've seen people wearing these socks with sneakers at work or with dress shoes as well. There are various styles and designs that you can choose from, so have fun picking out the right socks for your office.

Other than offices, casual business socks are also worn in your home. Some men like to wear them if they are watching television or reading the newspaper. However, I wouldn't recommend wearing casual business socks all the time at home. It may be a good idea to wash them once in a while so that you can wear something different every now and then.

The following are some of the best business socks in existence:

- Socks with elastic bands around the ankles and sensitive areas to prevent blisters and maiming

- Wool socks allow your feet to breathe as they reduce odor and heat retention, making them ideal for women's shoes that are sold in retail outlets.

- Cotton socks are very popular for business wear because they allow your skin to breathe. When you choose cotton business socks, select a style with a higher percentage of cotton. The extra cost is minimal, but the benefits are great.

- Socks with non-slip soles are great for women who wear high heels while they work in an office environment

- Socks that can absorb sweat and odor are also available if your need is a greater than normal level of comfort on any given day.

Aside from having the right socks in the workplace, our dress shoes should also be worn with socks. It's not uncommon for business men to wear their dress shoes without any socks at home. However, this practice is not recommended because it can cause foot problems due to sweat accumulation coupled with poor air circulation inside the shoe itself.

The reason it is important to wear socks with dress shoes is so that your foot doesn't get damaged. Unlike most sports, when you wear dress shoes at work, employees have to stand on their feet for long periods of time. So using dress shoes without socks can be very dangerous, especially if your feet are sensitive .