If you're a man and you exercise, chances are you wear Crew Socks. They provide cushioning and support, keeping your feet from rubbing or rubbing against the ground too much, which can cause blisters to form. Plus, they're long enough that they stay tucked in around your shoes when you bend down to lift something off the ground!

If you are a man and you already wear crew socks, chances are they're not the right type of socks for your feet. They may provide you with cushioning, but they could actually be causing your feet problems.

Why Crew Socks Can Cause Foot Problems

Crew Socks are designed so that when worn around your ankle, they also protect the top and sides of your foot from rubbing against the sides of your shoes. They're therefore made short enough to stay tucked in around your shoes. But when you wear them around your foot, the ends do not get the buffer of the rest of your shoe.

Crew Socks for men actually have a pattern that goes all the way down to your toes. They are meant to be worn that way, otherwise you would lose the cushioning on the bottom and sides of your foot. They are not meant to be worn over the top of your foot, or partway up your calf. When worn this way, they can cause blisters where they grip too tightly and rub against your skin. They can even cause problems where the toes are not covered.

If you've just started using Crew Socks, you probably don't have any worn out socks lying around. Selecting the right color and style for your next pair is an important decision because they're something to wear outside of your workout clothes. They're more like a piece of clothing than a source of exercise.

But if you do have a few pairs of socks around that are worn out, you might want to start saving them for the next time you need to make your own Crew Socks. You can still use the sock fabric to patch up some holes in your current socks.

If it's not obvious why people tend to wear Crew Socks outside of work or exercise, it might help to think about what they're made of. They're made of cotton, which is a natural fiber and therefore more comfortable than synthetic fibers such as polyester. Cotton breathes, helps your feet dry off after workouts, and doesn't trap odor.

This is important to know if you're planning on wearing Crew Socks as a fashion statement. If you're not planning on wearing them outside of your work-outs, you can forget about the cotton material and look for something else. You can even buy socks that are made with cotton but have other materials that make them more durable.

What most men aren't aware of is that Crew Socks are the perfect way to show off the latest in fashion. It would be easy to look like you're an ad man if you were wearing a pair of "Crew Cuffed" socks. They're cuffless and bright enough to be worn with anything. They're also made to look good.

On top of that, Crew Socks are designed to be stylish (some might even call them cutesy). You can buy them in a variety of fun colors and patterns. If you enjoy having a little something extra or a little bit different with your clothes, Crew Socks are an excellent choice for the fashion-forward among us.

When you look at the Crew Socks available in different colors and styles, you'll probably be able to find a pair that peaks your interest. I'm sure that everyone has someone who looks good in whatever these are. Maybe even a woman like me. While I don't typically pay attention to fashion, I do notice what's fashionable in the gym and what's not.

Crew Socks are made for men specifically and can't be altered without losing their original features or even how they fit. For instance, Crew Socks have the little half-circle on the bottom that prevents them from sliding down your heel. They also have a variety of colors.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for Crew Socks is how much use you're going to get out of them and whether you want them for fashion or utility. If you bought a pair that aren't exactly your style, you can always wear them outside the gym... just in case.

If you do end up purchasing a pair of Crew Socks, it's important to have a pair of socks for underneath them. No matter what your workout looks like, it will eventually call for a change of shoes to put on your socks. You don't want to risk ruining the backs of your eyes or any other part of your body from the friction from Crew Socks rubbing against it.

And if you're wearing shorts and the friction is bothering you, you'll probably want to reconsider wearing them at all. Even cotton Crew Socks can rub and chafe against your skin when you're walking or running, which might make for an unpleasant experience.

But aside from that, it's all about what you think looks good and what your style is. If you're going outside of the gym, you'll probably want something more expressive than the standard white-and-blue color most Crew Socks are available in.