Practically everyone drinks coffee. But did you know that if you drink coffee from the wrong mug, it can make your caffeine actually less effective? Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world - and for good reason! It's rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, magnesium, and B vitamins. Plus it just tastes awesome. But when you drink coffee from a mug that's the wrong size or shape, you can actually be doing yourself a disservice.

That's because your mug can actually be affecting your ability to absorb the caffeine in your coffee. This is due to the fact that the temperature of the water that leaves the carafe isn't the same as it is when it comes out of your cup. And this means that many people think they're getting a great cup of joe when it actually isn't.

The right size and shape goes a long way toward making your coffee taste delicious. Whether you're getting the morning pick-me-up or winding down after a long day, there's only one cup that consistently hits the spot: A classic 12 ounce cup.

If you order a large (12 oz or more) "large" in a coffee shop, you should ask for an extra teaspoonful of sugar as well. Because the coffee shops use a lot of coffee to make these large "large"s, it's often bitter and undrinkable black.

The reasoning behind this is that the size of the cup impacts how quickly you drink it. When you're drinking from a large mug, you're more apt to drink your coffee faster than when you're drinking from a small mug. So the longer it stays in your mouth, the more likely it is that you'll absorb some of the caffeine.

So the next time you order a large, don't just think of that as "large" but also consider asking for an extra spoonful of sugar. That way you can enjoy your coffee without sacrificing quality!

Choose the Right Cup for Your Coffee

The best coffee mug is the one that actually fits you . When you drink from a cup that's not sized according to your preferences, you can still get some of the health benefits of coffee but without the taste and aroma - basically, it will no longer be as enjoyable! . When you drink from a cup that's not sized according to your preferences, you can still get some of the health benefits of coffee but without the taste and aroma - basically, it will no longer be as enjoyable! If your morning coffee isn't quite strong enough for you, try adding a spoonful of instant coffee or chicory into the mug whenever you order. While this will infuse some additional caffeine into your drink, you'll get some other health benefits as well. For example- it adds fiber and may help lower cholesterol.

Best solution for you to get the most out of your coffee, is to choose the sizing right. Here are some tips on choosing a cup that fits you perfectly.

Consider size. If your mug is too small, your coffee will cool too quickly. Same if it's too big. Think about shape. If your mug is a tall cylinder, the aroma of your coffee will evaporate before you get to enjoy it! If it's shaped like a doughnut, your coffee will be too hot to enjoy! If you're having a cup of regular coffee, don't shape it with a fancy creamer! Create your own favorite shape.

If you can't make up your mind, here's my recommendation: start by deciding what to look for in a cup, and then drill down until you arrive at the perfect mug. It's always better to find the right glass first than the best mug. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of good.

Here are some examples of mugs that meet some of our criteria.

A coffee mug should be sturdy and easy to hold, but not so heavy that it makes your hands tired. A specific tip I give is to choose a coffee mug that has an inside lid - which is a great way to make sure it won't get water stains or fingerprints on the outside. It also helps to have a handle that is long enough so that you can comfortably grip it.

A coffee mug should also be able to keep your coffee warm for a while. This means that the mug doesn't need to be one of those mugs that says "keeps drinks hot for hours." They should at least keep your beverage hot for about 20-30 minutes . If you want to keep your coffee hot longer, we recommend using a thermal travel mug.

Finally, it's important to make sure the mug holds enough coffee: if you're sipping your coffee from a regular cup, it should hold about half a cup of liquid . (This only applies when drinking from a regular cup - if you drink from a travel mug or thermal mug, your liquid will be much bigger.