Ankle socks are awesome. They add color and personality to any outfit, and they can double as a shoe for the days you don't want to wear shoes. Here at mug and socks, we have tons to choose from. Before we dive into what kind of ankle socks we have, let's talk about how to wear them in a regular day outfits.

1. Ankle Socks with Shorts

If you want to stay cool and really casual, ankle socks with shorts is the way to go. Maybe the socks are a simple design of solid colors, or maybe they have some intricate designs on them that really sets off your personality. Either way, if your wearing shorts, you can wear any kind of ankle socks.

2. Ankle Socks with Jeans

Ankle socks go really well with any kind of jeans. If you want to wear something a little more formal, go for the solid colored socks, or even something with a little more detail on them. Solid colors are always good, because they can match any kind of pants.

3. Ankle Socks with Skirts

Skirts are a great way to wear ankle socks. You can go with solid colors and earth tones all the time, because they go with pretty much anything. If you have a all black outfit with black shoes, you can even wear a white sock to make it pop.

4. Ankle Socks with Sweatpants

This is my personal favorite look. I always go for sweatpants in my daily outfit choice. They are comfortable, extremely good looking and it looks like you just got up and went somewhere and it looks clean. Wearing a gray, black sweatpants with a pair of white sneakers and white ankle socks will go really good. It will be really clean looking as well. Also, if you have some colorful sweatpants, you can always mix and match with your favorite colors and find the perfect duo for the pants and socks combo.

5. Ankle Socks in a Formal Outfit

Now this is a little bit more controversial. Some people don't prefer it and some people do. For me, I don't think ankle socks can go with some formal outfits but, like I said, it depends. Try to go with more longer socks for the formal outfits. If you want to try out the ankle socks and I encourage you to, then just make a little statement or something that goes with the outfit. For example, if you are wearing a dress, you can't wear a pair of solid colored ankle socks. Instead, try out some bright colored socks for that little pop of color.

6. Ankle Socks with Black Pants

When you are wearing black pants, and your about to wear some socks. First check and see if those pants have color, for example, if the pants are black but have a red stripe down the side then try to wear a solid colored socks with that. If your pants are completely black and you still want to wear ankle socks then try out some bold colors such as red, blue or even yellow.

7. Ankle Socks with Casual Shirts

This is one of my favorite look when I'm going out in town. If you want to wear a plain shirt then go for some colorful ankle socks. For example, if it's a white shirt, then I would wear a pair of blue ankle socks with it. If your shirt has some color, try out the same color.

8. Ankle Socks with Joggers

When you are wearing a pair of joggers, I wouldn't recommend wearing plain socks. Also, I wouldn't suggest wearing bright colored ankle socks. That's just going to look too much busy on you and it might be difficult to match with your outfit. Instead, go for some simple colors such as black or dark brown.

9. Ankle Socks with Hooded Sweatshirts

When you are wearing a hooded sweatshirt, I would suggest wearing some different colors to make it pop out at the people. For example, if your wearing a blue sweatshirt with a pair of black sweatpants and black ankle socks, go for a bright blue sock. Try to find something that goes nice with the color of your shirt.

10. Ankle Socks with Vans

Vans are a great way of wearing ankle socks without having to wear shoes. If you are wearing a pair of black Vans, then you might as well be wearing a big pair of blue or green socks. They make it match perfectly with the look and just looks like your been wearing them for years!

Ankle socks are for everything basically. You need to try to mix match the colors for the best results. Don't worry. Having a colorful outfit with colorful socks is awesome. You can't go wrong.