Knee-high socks are one of the comfiest socks ever. They’re so soft and fluffy, you never want to take them off. And they’re so versatile! They go with practically every outfit, from skirts and dresses to jeans and shorts. But when it comes to looks, it turns out they don’t have a lot in common. If you’re going for sleek, sophisticated, attractive, sporty or everyday looks, knee-high socks are your new best friend. If you’re looking for some great, basic looks that you can wear with almost anything, then knee-high socks are a great start.

Not sure how they work? Knee-high socks come in a range of styles: some are more fitted and sleek, others are loose and comfortable. But whatever the style, you can still wear them with nearly anything you want!
Keep reading to get the scoop on all your knee-high sock looks - from everyday casual styles to sophisticated party outfits.

When it comes to looks that you can wear with nearly anything, knee-high socks are the go-to choice. Knee high socks come in a huge range of colors and styles - so there’s literally something for everyone!


Sleek Knee-High Socks

If you're wearing a knee-length dress or skirt, then knee-high socks are perfect. They'll compliment your outfit and make it seem longer. They're also a cute, sweet look for spring and summer. Look for knee-high socks with a feminine tie or band. The longer ones usually have bands as well, but it's always nice to find some cute knee-highs that are short enough to show off your legs. Check out this one for an example!


Work-Wear Knee-High Socks

These socks can make any outfit work-weary. Wear them with a mani-capped head and "mom work-weary" (like scrubs) and you'll look like a design student on the job. Or pair them with an office skirt and shirt. Just be careful- these socks are so effective at making an outfit look professional that you might just show up on the cover of a business magazine! One of the ones we recommend is this one!

Sporty Knee-High Socks 

If you like to run around in the park, jog, play basketball or football, then sporty knee-high socks are perfect. They keep your legs warm, protect your knees and make you look sporty and tough. You can also wear them with shorts or skirts to the gym. They look super cute with a pair of tennis shoes and hair up in a messy bun. We recommend these ones for you to check out!

Everyday Knee-High Socks 

This simple look is perfect for every day wear. Just let your knee-highs speak for themselves. They look great with skirts and jeans. If you're wearing a skirt, make sure it's a midi or maxi. Or go for the I-don't-care look by pairing your knee-highs with your favorite pair of jeans. For everyday looks, you don't have to go for a subtle look. You can just throw on a pair of cute knee-highs and wear them with an over-sized sweater (with the sleeves rolled up) and sneakers. This look is perfect for every day wear. 

Party Outfits Knee-High Socks 

You can wear your knee-high socks with your little black dress to a party. Looking for black knee-highs? Try to go for a pair that is plain in color and has some kind of design or pattern on the top of the socks. You can wear a pair of dark or light grey colored tights, but make sure there's enough space between your tights and socks so you could see that you're wearing golden or silver earrings or bracelets. You can even try a cat designed one like this!

To make it even more pop in an outfit, try to match the colors as great as possible. For example, pair your knee-highs with bright colored skinny jeans. Opt for a bright green flare. The knee-highs will look warmed up and thicker. You can also try to mix them with brown or black socks and white shoes or sandals. If you're wearing the knee-high socks, keep the rest of your outfit classic and neutral in color, just like a nice shirt and black skinny jeans.

Colorful Knee High Socks

Colorful knee-highs are great for parties, at a festival or even when you're just chilling out at home. You could wear them with an over-sized sweater like a turtleneck and some dark washed jeans. They're great on short girls as well, especially when paired with a pair of high heels. Just make sure your knees aren't too exposed. Check this one for example!

Solid Colored Knee-High Socks

These socks are perfect with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and a big t-shirt. Go for a color that's bold and stands out from the rest of your outfit. Maybe go for green or yellow. They're also ideal for wearing underneath skirts.

As you can tell, its all in your imagination. Just pick what you want to wear and style it the way you want to. There is no strict rules in fashion. So if you're confident and comfortable, you'll feel great!