For us at mugandsocks, we care about the design and comfort levels of a sock. You should care too! If a company makes a quality product, they should look good while doing it. Fresh socks not only feel better on the foot and give that polished look to your feet, but they are a great way of expressing yourself in style. A pair of matching socks is just as much an accessory as it is a shoe or shirt. Pairing with new colors and patterns will change up your daily outfit, motivation for exercise, or even work style.

Here are some of the newest socks that we have that must be in your wardrobe as well!

1.Black and White with Stripes

The colors on these socks give new life to the classic black and white combination. The stripes add a splash of color to an otherwise monochrome look. Pair these with a pair of whatever you want, or just set them off on their own.

2.Colored with White Stripes

These striped socks bring out the colors in your outfit and make you stand out. The white makes these stand out, but they could be sported with jeans or shorts like a normal pair of socks. It is just like the one above this one, except the other way! If that is not the way you want a sock, then you might want to go for this one.

3.Socks with Polka Dots and Different Shapes

You might think that polka dots are old school, but they never get old! This 5 pack includes different socks with different shapes, and one with the amazing polka dots on a cotton white sock. Check them out right here!

4.Glittery Socks

Every girl or guy wants true sparkle and shine on their feet! These socks have different sparkles on them that are super flashy and very cute. You are sure to impress every time you wear these socks. Look for it right here!

5.Transparent with Flowers

Flowers are not only delicate and pretty, but they are also useful! The colors of the flowers in these socks put them over the top. These could be worn with shorts or even just a t-shirt to add a little bit of flair to your outfit. We have them right here!

6. Day and Night Socks

This comes with 2 color choices, one has a black on one feet and yellow on the other. The other one is a black on one feet and white on another one. They are extremely comfortable and they also have some shapes on it for maximum cuteness. Look for them here!

7.Plain White, Gray and Black

You always need a pair of these in your wardrobe and you should not be wearing them to the gym. They have no colors or design so it will be perfect for wearing with your business or casual outfits. Have a look at them here!

8.Thin Pastel Ankle Socks

This amazing 10 pack includes 10 different colored ankle socks for the amazing color availability. It is thin and made with cotton, so it is really comfortable. Go look at them right here!

9.Beige Wool Sock

This really long wool sock is perfect for those cold winter days that you can just be cozy in your home, with an amazing mug that you bought from our store, that has the worlds greatest tea. Look for it right here!

10. Antibacterical Extra Soft Socks

These socks are extra soft and they will make your feet fall asleep when you wear them. They are extremely durable as well, which means they will not break easily, and also they are antibacterial because of the premium quality that it serves. Comes with 7 different colors, you can find them right here!

Even though our website is called mugandsocks, we have a section that we sell some other not mug and socks related products. Here are some if you haven't seen them already!

1.Friends Mug Coaster

Well, we sell a lot of different mugs, but we can not let you go without a coaster. If you found your favorite mug, then you can add an extra coaster to that mug. It is made with high quality components, and they are really durable. Check them out here!


Yes, we have a lot of different styled towels that you can look for. We have one that say "Blink One Eight Two" which some of you may know, is a band, we have one more for the kids that has a unicorn on it and so on and so forth.

3.Hair Band and Eye Mask

These are other products that we sell, they are a lot of different things but they are all accessories. Anytime you wear your hair up or on your head at night, you need to have some kind of accessory on it. These are very comfortable and they will not cause any irritation on your hair whatsoever, and the eye mask is really good for a really dark sleeping experience.

So yeah, these are all of the new products that we have that you must try. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!