Grippy socks are better for running than a regular sock, and you can protect your foot against blisters.

In this blog I will discuss the benefits of having grippy socks when running. I'll also talk about some other ways you might use these extra gripping features in your day to day life.

Blisters cause pain because the nerves get pinched and it can last for days even weeks. Blisters are caused when the normal skin cells rub together with little or no lubrication between them. The friction that occurs when feet come into contact with each other can also cause blisters or calluses in your feet. The best way to prevent blisters on your feet is by wearing the right type of socks. Have you ever seen someone with multiple blisters on one foot and then wondered, "Why does that person have so many blisters?" and after reading this blog you will see why.

One of the first steps in running is your choice of socks. You get to wear whatever sock you'd like for most of the run. A general rule of thumb is to have a sock that wicks away moisture and has a small tread. The reason for this is because your foot will sweat during the run and you don't want your sock to soak up all of your sweat. Wicking technology helps keep your skin dry by being breathable and producing moisture off of the body. The other thing about running that makes it a very unpleasant experience is when you get blisters. One of the best ways to get rid of blisters is to avoid them altogether. Grippy socks help you stay on the right path and not get into trouble with your feet.

I think that the best way to prevent blisters is by wearing a sock that has a small tread. The reason I say this is because when you wear a sock that has tiny bumps or lots of tread it will increase friction between your toes and rub them together. This is a very uncomfortable feeling to have but it is also very painful. Because your feet sweat a lot during a run you want to find a sock that wicks or is able to absorb moisture away from the body. Good socks should also be breathable so that they don't hold on to the sweat. You want a sock that can help keep your feet dry and comfortable on your run and in your day to day life.

So, how to choose grippy socks?

The first thing you want to look for in grippy socks is the toe. This is because when you are running on your toes it increases the chances of blisters. The next thing you want to look at is the sole of your foot while running. If you have a sock that has a small tread this will help relieve pressure off of your toes and reduce the amount of friction in between your foot and the ground. The last thing you want to do when choosing your running shoes or socks is test it out for yourself. Run in your socks and try to place the smallest amount of pressure on your foot and see if you have any blisters.

Moving on to other things we use grippy socks for....

As I mentioned above, we also use grippy socks for day to day life. The first thing is to protect your feet and help prevent blisters from forming. Next, you will want to make sure that you are not getting any blisters from your foot rubbing together on the ground. This can be caused by walking outdoors on the concrete or asphalt if you don't have grippy socks on. With that being said, we also use grippy socks when doing other outdoor activities like gardening. When planting and digging in the dirt you will want to wear grippy socks so that you don't create more of a mess from your feet. As well, wearing these types of socks helps reduce the amount of wear and tear on your shoes because it naturally washes away the grass and dirt from between your toes.

So, a grippy sock is a must for your collection. Reducing blisters are a must for your feet. It hurts and hopefully the grippy socks can help you reduce that.

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