Mugs and cups are really fragile. Sometimes, the smallest hits can cause the mug to break or a fall from the table is enough for the mug to shatter completely. So, when the time comes, if there is a moving going on in a household, it is important to store the mugs in a way to protect the overall health of the mugs. Here are some ways that might help you protect your mugs when moving.

1. Bubble Wrap and Newspaper

This method is a really popular method that a lot of people do when carrying some fragile items. You take some newspaper, and put it at the bottom of the box. This way the mugs can have a soft place to sit on. After you put the newspaper, get some more and put it inside the mugs that you want to store in the box. This way, mugs can have a little bir more damage proof when being moved. And for the outside of the mugs, grab yourself the best bubble wrap. Make sure that you go for the non-popped ones for the maximum protection. Use the bubble wrap as a cover for the outside of the mugs and then store it inside the box. That way you can have the maximum protection to carry and move your mugs.

2. Cramp the Space Up as Much as You Can

Using as much space as possible is another important key to really protect the overall fragile mugs. If your mugs move inside the box, then the mugs will hit each other more. Since there are more space for them to move, it makes it more dangerous to carry. So, if you have any free space inside the box, either go and use some newspaper to cover those free space and make it more stable, or use some boxes to cover up those space. Either way, find a method to cover those open spaces to make everything more tight and durable.

3. Write "Fragile" on the Box

This is also an important factor to think about. If you are boxing the stuff yourself, but making some type of a company do all the carrying, then it is really important to let them know that the box includes some fragile items inside. So, get yourself a sharpie and write "Fragile" to make sure that everybody can see that the box contains something fragile and important.

4. Use Some Extra Tape at the Bottom

After closing the box, make sure to also use some tape for the bottom as well. The box will be really heavy, so we don't want it to break in the middle of the moving application. Taping the bottoms will make the box a lot more secure and durable.

5. If You Can Find, Use Some Dividers

There is a certain type of box item that you can use called the divider. It has seperate space for every mug or cup you want to carry. Instead of putting every mug on top of each other, just use a divider and carry the box with ease and comfort.

So, there you have it. These were some of the tips that you can use to carry the box of fragile items such as mugs or cups. Make sure to take your time and do everything slowly. Make sure that every mug is perfectly sealed and ready for transporting.

Thanks for reading. See you on the next one!