We covered a topic couple days ago about the benefits of no-show socks. Even though, they are a great invention for some of the shoes that we wear in our daily lives, these socks can get annoying sometimes due to them being a slipping disaster! So, if you are one of those individuals that likes to wear these socks but are having issues with them, here we have some great tips for stopping the slipping and you can be sure that they will work!

First of all, when putting on the no-show socks, make sure that you do it slowly as this will help them to slide properly into the shoes. Also, when you put on the shoes, make sure that your feet get comfortable in them before walking around. These are a must at first, but still if you have issues with slipping, check these fixes!

1. Make sure the fabric is good

A great way to start. When you buy these socks, make sure the fabric is a good one, this will help you a lot! Try a fabric that slides easily when you are wearing shoes. As for some of the new fabrics out there, it is smooth as well, so it will just glide on your feet.

2. Sizing can make a difference

This one is easy to fix; get the right size for you. Most of the time, this issue comes from wearing socks that are too big! If they are slipping, you have to get a smaller-sized one! If it is your first time buying no-show socks, start from a smaller size. If it too big, then go one size smaller. If it is too small, well... go one size bigger! After you find the perfect size, go bananas and buy a couple of them!

3. The coverage of the socks can matter

This is different from wearing regular socks. No-show socks are designed to be worn inside a shoe and covered by a shoe. They can be found in different coverage such as high, mid, and low. If you are looking for some no-show socks that are not slipping then it can be helpful to find some that have a higher coverage. If you do not like them being high enough to show on the top of your shoes, then you need to go for mid or low coverage! Of course, using the right size will help you decide on the amount of coverage you want as well.

4. Silicon grips

Another little trick to stop the slipping socks is using silicon grips. Some socks already has these as a feature, if they don't you can always buy and use one for yourself. This makes it harder for the socks to slip and also gives them a better grip inside the shoes.

5. Try changing the shoes

Sometimes, even though you use the best sock, they still can slip. If that is the case, then try changing the socks. Sneakers, boat shoes, and some other types of shoes have a flat base and become more slippery at times. So if you wear them with no-show socks, they will definitely cause trouble! If you find your no-show socks are slipping, then try wearing a different pair of shoes.

6. Use baby powder

Yes, we all know it is used for babies but powdered baby can also be useful for us! You can use this to stop the slipping socks from being slippery. Some people recommend using powder in between your toes as well since it makes you feel less friction between your toes and the shoes. This will definitely help you stop no-show socks from slipping!

7. Sock tape

There is a product out there called sock tape, which is basically designed to stop the socks from sliding. When you roll this tape to the back of your heel or on the front of your toes, then it will help the socks stay in place! Just make sure that when wearing it in your shoes, it does not cause any discomfort or problem.

8. Use socks that have Velcro

Some of these socks already has some kind of closures. If they don't, then use the Velcro and stick it on your shoes and the bottom of your feet. This way, the socks will be able to stay in place!

9. Use rubber bands

If you want to get a little crazy, then you can use rubber bands! It is weird at first but if you try it, it can actually be an effective method when stopping no-show socks from slipping. When you wear the rubber band on your foot, they will act as a buffer. Try wearing them and tell us how it goes!

Did the tricks help you fix the issue about slipping no-show socks?
Hopefully, it did. Remember, if you find something that works for you, then stick with it!