Imagine a hot cup of coffee, freshly brewed and steaming before you. Now imagine that you're about to sip it up with a cheap, plastic disposable cup. No matter how good the coffee is, chances are, the experience wouldn't be the same if you were drinking out of an inappropriate vessel - like one that belongs in your kiddie pool or in your garden pots. What's more, this could actually destroy your beverage altogether.

It's a strange notion, but even the cheap disposable coffee cups and bowls you get at fast food outlets are not treating your drinks right. They're made of polymer plastic, which is designed to be lightweight, waterproof and inexpensive.

Unfortunately, their qualities don't extend to taste or temperature.

Conversely, a mug designed for hot beverages has an insulated layer inside it that helps preserve the temperature of its contents while preventing heat transfer. This layer is also what keeps your drink from being exposed to the smells from the last drink you had. That's why you should always wash and dry your mug properly before putting it away.

Bad Sides of a Cheap Mug

Here's a quick list of the bad side effects that your cheap coffee mugs can have on your morning coffee (and don't say we didn't warn you):

1. Plastic Dissolves in Coffee

The polymers used to make disposable mugs are made of PET, which is easily dissolved by water, oils and even alcohol. While plastic spoons can dissolve in strong soups and cocktails, the same effect happens when you drink coffee out of a plastic cup.

2. Plastic Rubs off on Your Hands, Too

Second-hand plastic coffee mugs have a similar effect on your hands with the same result of smearing plastic and grease all over, making it difficult to clean. You might be horrified to see the remnants of a greasy coffee leftover on your hands after you've finished drinking, but better them than the environment.

3. Plastic Affects the Taste of Coffee

The taste of coffee should not be compromised just to save a couple of coins. In fact, you can learn how to make your own mugs that are made from durable ceramic and are kinder to the environment.

4. Plastic Causes Stains on Your Mugs

You might have noticed your mugs developing unsightly brownish stains after sitting around for just one day, especially if you always forget to hand-wash them properly before you put them away. This happens because the oils from your hands and your drink itself settle down into the cracks of your mugs and the polymers give in to the attack.

5. Plastic Make Mugs Look Dirty

Aside from being unsightly, brownish stains on mugs are also a sign that you are dealing with cheap polymers that easily break down. It's only a matter of time before your mugs start to look dingy and the plastic bits start coming off.

So, Why Use a High Quality Mug

On the other hand, if you are using a large, ceramic mug that is meant for hot beverages, you don't have to worry about these things:

1. Ceramic is Non-Toxic

Ceramic mugs are non-toxic and can be safe to use even with young children around. They will not leach chemicals and they do not create any nasty stains. Your ceramic mug will always look clean and new!

2. Ceramic Doesn't Affect the Taste of Your Drink

Ceramic is completely taste-neutral, so you can be sure that your coffee will always taste as it should. In fact, ceramic mugs can be used to preserve the original taste and aroma of some of the most premium coffees in the world, like Yemen Mocha.

3. Ceramic Mugs are Just as Easy to Clean as Plastic

In addition to being less messy, your ceramic coffee mug can be washed just like any other glass mug in the sink. You do not need to use specialized cleaning products or harsh chemicals. They will clean themselves with just soap and water!

4. Ceramic is More Durable

Ceramic is made from a material that is naturally resistant to temperature changes, making it highly suitable for hot steamy coffee and also for cold beverages. It's practically unbreakable and will not chip or crack when dropped or knocked around.

5. Ceramic Keeps Your Coffee Hot Longer Than Plastic

Since ceramic mugs are naturally insulated by the air trapped inside them, they can keep your beverage warm twice as long as plastic mugs. So, if you're in a hurry, ceramic is the mug for you.

6. Ceramic Mugs are Not Only Made of Stoneware

While a lot of cheap mugs are made from stoneware, many ceramic mugs come with other types of glaze and coating that makes them more scratch-resistant and durable to use for a longer time period. Some even have rust-proof coatings that prevent your mug from being stained by acids or chemicals in your drink.

We don't know if these facts are important to you, but being a coffee loving team, we love to drink our morning coffee in a high quality mug.

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Thanks for reading! See you on the next one!