We love the concept "Mug and Socks". A mug and socks are what we use every single day. Whether you're retired or working, sleeping or having a snack in the kitchen, just bringing along a mug and socks is efficient. Be it from a camping trip or just wandering around the city, a mug and socks is perfect.

The mug and socks are soft and warm. We do not require any other accessories for the mug and socks. Mug and socks are perfect for just about anyone. There's a slight difference between a mug and socks. The mug contains liquid, while the socks contain air. It's true that both can keep you warm as they are cozy, but it only takes one cup of coffee to warm up a pair of socks! 

So here are some of the thing you can do with mug and socks. 

How about taking a mug and socks hiking, so you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while keeping warm? Hiking with mug and socks is ideal when you're alone since there's no one to share the experience with you. 

Take a trip to the nearest coffee shop or nearest hotel to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee with your favorite hot chocolate. Just enjoy your drink while being comfortable in these socks. You will surely have a good time at this. 

Mug and socks are great when you want to sit on the couch, in front of a TV or computer. You can save your legs and foot warmers with your feet as you watch your favorite video or play games online. 

Going to school with a cool mug and some wool thermal socks on a cold day. Buying a tea from the canteen and using your amazing mugs to fill it up with water and use it to relax on the library to read books. Sometimes, the easiest way to get comfortable is by thinking simple and going for the simplest approaches. 

Not only at school, also at home.. As a student, you sometimes can have a lot of homework to do, and some of them may take a really long time. Being a project, you might need to brainstorm sometimes. So having a nice mug with a little bit of tea inside it can brighten your day and make you feel a lot cozy in your own working space. Plus putting on a really cool looking, mood showing socks from our store is a bonus. 

So let's be honest, everyone needs a good pair of socks every day. We think that mug and knee longs would suit anyone well. We don't really need to explain how useful they are, do we? It is just a comfort overload.  

As you can see, we really do care about the perfect duo. 

But why is that? 

Being simple and finding the beauty in simple things is a must for us. And in a household, or a wardrobe, socks are really small and simple detail. Still, looking for the beauty in that what makes our day a lot better than how it was before. Also mugs.. There are a lot of people who care about mugs, like us. Having a mug collection that can be appreciated everyday is amazing and the people who loves these collections and has one, knows what we are talking about. 

Here are some of the amazing combinations that you can use to start your amazing love for the “duo”. 

Matrix Mug & Colorful Fruit Patterned Socks 

If you are a fan of Matrix and love watching movies, grab yourself a tea using this mug to get in style and motivation, put on the amaxing fruit patterned socks and open the matrix movie to dive into a world of awesomeness. What we love about this mug is that it looks so good with the little writings on it. It looks so cool. And on the fruit patterned socks, the fruits are really cute with different color schemes. The socks come with 7 different colors so, even if you don’t like one of them, the other one will perfectly fit. 

Programmers Life Mug & Wool Thermal Socks 

Why is this combo so good, especially for programmers? Well, a programmers life basically starts with the programmer getting a cup of coffee, sitting down on a chair and program all day long. So, the feet will always be on the ground, which may cause the programmer to be cold after a while. So keeping those feet warm is essential, and why not pair that amazing wool socks with a programmers life mug to really relate to what a programmers is build for? The quality of both of them are amazing and we recommend it to everybody who wants to start their collection. Check them out! Mug here, socks here! 

We hope you to start your collection as soon as possible. Feel free to try different combo’s and create your own! 

See you on the next one! Take care!