We got the newest! We got the coolest! We got the most stylish!

Here at mug and socks, we have the latest and greatest beanies! So, here are some of the beanies that you can try with your everyday or cool modern outfits.

Plain Beanie

This beanie has a standard size and looks amazing with any color outfits. The size of it is medium, but the fabric… The fabric is extremely comfortable. It is also stretchy so it can fit anybody with any size of head. It comes in 4 different colors: blue, beige, red, yellow. The best way to wear these amazing looking beanies is to wear it with sweatpants in a night walk. Not only night, in a cold winter morning, wear this amazing beanie while you are off for a run. They fit perfectly even if you are doing some sports. 

Anti Social Social Club

This beanie is for our introvert friends, who wants to be on their own in a chilly day, listen to their music and relax with the sounds of leaves falling to the ground. This amazing beanie has the writing that says “Anti-Social Social Club” and is for everyone. Being black, it fits every color on your wardrobe. Try it! Right here!

Beige with Rick and Morty

This one goes out to all our Rick and Morty lovers! This amazing beanie has the base color of beige and a Rick in front of it. If you are all about the humorous beanies, this one is for you! It has a standard size, and it is stretchy so it can fit to every head, even if it is too big! It is made from acrylic, and it is a must for every collector. 

2 Pack Beanies – Orange and Blue

This amazing two pack comes with 2 different colors: orange and blue. This one is for our moody friends who can get demotivated sometimes. Being sad is okay. Everybody can have bad days sometimes. In those days, wear this amazing beanie to change your mood. We promise that, once you put on these smiling beanies, your mood will come up instantly. Besides that, being stretchy makes it extremely comfortable for any kind of head, so try them out! Right here!

2 Pack Beanies – Pink and Black with Flowers and Roses

This amazing pack can be a gift for a loved one or a couple’s date beanie choice. One of you can wear the pink one and the other one can wear the black with the flowers one. Having two colored beanies can also increase the outfit choices in your wardrobe. Even though when you think about it, beanies might feel like they don’t really offer a lot of difference in your wardrobe but, wearing a all-black outfit with a pink beanie can spice up the look and give a pop to your outfit. Plus, the amazing quality of the beanie and the stretchiness of it gives the user the option to feel free when wearing it. You can check them out right here! 

2 Pack Beanies – Night and Day with Black and White

This pack contains a night and day opposite colored beanies that can be used two times in a day. Being black and white, the beanies can be used in many different outfits, and they can go with a lot of different styles. The beanies are made with high quality materials, and they have a standard size. It is made with acrylic, which makes it amazing to use. To check them out, click right here!

Black Beanie with a Cactus

Cactus hurts! When you touch it, it stabs! However, different from the regular cactus, this cactus having beanie doesn’t stab you o hurt you at all. Actually, it gives you a really comfortable sensation when placed in your head. Made from acrylic, it feels really comfortable and looks amazing. It has a standard size and the size of it can be called as “one size fits all”. If you are looking for a cute and stylish beanie, this is the one! Go for it! Here!

La Casa de Papel Beanie

Don’t need to ask no questions. Everybody was a La Casa de Papel fan at some point. All of the action and excitement on the scenes made us feel really happy at times. So, this beanie here is for you to sit down and start watching it from the beginning. Just like the other beanies in our store, this beanie is also made with acrylic which makes it really comfortable and sturdy. It also comes with a single size and that size fits all. If you want, you can check it out from here!

These were all of the freshest and newest beanies on our store! If you want to see more, you should definitely check out the “Not Mug and Socks” section of our store!

See you on the next one! Take care!