Hello again y’all! In today's blog, we will talk about all the newest earmuffs that we have in our store to keep your amazing ears warm! So, let’s begin!

Seashell Patterned Gray Earmuff

We have these cold days on winter where you must keep every part of your body warm and soft. In that case, everybody needs a comfortable ear warmer to wear all times. Ears may not be the first-place people think about when it comes to “protecting the cold places”, but it is one of the most important parts to cover when it's cold. So, to start off, the first accessory that we have in the list is this seashell covered gray colored earmuff. It is so comfortable to wear, and the material makes it easy to use all day long. It has a standard size to fit all. So, if you are looking for an earmuff to keep that cold away and to wear it with style, you have this one! Check it out!

White Plushy Earmuff with Cat Patterns

Are there any cat lovers around? If you are, then this amazing earmuff is for you! It has a standard size with a beige and white color combined. It is washable so, being white really is not a big deal. You can wear it with anything such as an everyday outfit or a thick outfit for cold places such as mountains for skiing. And, both ear parts have a cat mustache on it to give a humorous approach to it. If you want to check it out, click right here! And you can also combine this amazing earmuff with a wool sock to really increase the amount of warmth in your body. You can also find the thermal wool socks right here. Check them out!

Beige with Furr and Knitted Patterns

This amazing earmuff has both knitted patterns and fur coming out of for the maximum good-looking. Having it beige also makes the earmuff pop when worn in an everyday look. Being white can also make you feel like making it dirty can cause a lot of problems but, it is washable so, you really don’t have to worry about that. Besides the look and feel of it, the earmuff comes with a standard size that can fit everybody who wears it. So, if you are fan of furry outfits and want to add one more to your wardrobe, or maybe you are looking for a different earmuff to wear when going out for a walk or a run, cop this one right here!

Beige, Black and Pink Earmuff with Cat Patterns

Like the white earmuff with cat patterns above, this three come by themselves. These 3 earmuffs also feel comfortable when put on and long wear doesn’t really bug your ears at all. They are washable, so getting them dirty will not give you any problems. They also have a standard size that fits all. Because the colors being different from black and white, different types of color matching can happen with ease. Check out our “Earmuff” section on the “Not Mug and Socks” section to see all 4 of these cats patterned earmuffs.

Beige with Fur and Knitted Patterns

Finally, we have the brown colored and beige color knitted earmuff that for us, looks best inside all of them. The overall earmuff being brown with the outside knitted parts being beige, gives the earmuff an elegant look. Plus, having some fur parts on the edges really makes the earmuff pop. So, if you are really into a combination of all the earmuffs above, check this one out. Right here!

So, like we said, keeping your ears as warm as possible is important. Being sick can really happen because of missing a small 2 pieces of ears on your head. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our store for more!

Thanks for reading. See you on the next one!