Here we are again with our newest collections. This time we are talking about the newest hair accesories in our store. They are brand new and fresh. They look amazing and feel amazing. So here are some of the things that are brand new and ready to be worn everyday!

3 Piece 2 Colored Fluffy Hairband

This 3 pack comes in two different colors: black and red. Everybody knows that the colors black and red already fit together really nicely, but not only that these hairbands are extremely easy to use and comfortable. They are washable and will not get bad after washes. You can wear them everyday with anything you like. If you want to use a everyday look with this band, you can do it. Or, if you want a more formal look, put on a black outfit with a red hairband to get that pop.

3 Piece 3 Colored Colorful Hairband

Just like the hairband above, this one also comes in two pack but this time, the colors are a little bit more colorful than the other one. They are also really comfortable. They have this clean look on them for the maximum great-looking.

3 Piece Rectangular Hair Clips

This hair clip is extremely sturdy with a metalic feel. The rectangular shape gives it the ease of use purpose. They are really comfortable and does not give you any headaches on use. The color skin has a panther theme on it to give your hair that good looking. It is not so small so it is really not hard to miss or forget it somewhere. Well of course if you are not careful, you can always loose things but, at least this pack comes in 3 pieces. So, if you loose one, there will be 2 more. 

3 Piece Tie Styled Hair Clips

Tie can go with a lot of things. On some formal clothes we use ties. On some other party outfits, we use ties. In this case, a hair clip is the way to use ties. This hair clip comes with 3 different ties and the overall look can be used with a lot of outfits. Being a big tie, it is hard to loose, but when used on the hair it gives that pop with its size. It can go with a lot of different outfits and we personally think that one of the outfits that can be used is an everyday university outfit for teenagers or everyday out for coffee looks. So, to check it out, click right here! 

40 Pieces Colorful Hair Clip Set 

Okay. This is the one that might help you go a life time without buying anymore hair clips. This amazingly big 40 pack has 40 colorful hair clips that will look amazing on any hair. The size and the toughness is perfect for you to use. If you are looking for a high quality, never ending supply of hair clips, this is the one.

Pearl Covered Hair Clips

These hair clips have either big or small pearls on it to give the hair clip a little bit more of a luxurious feel. The pearls on top of the hair clips feel amazing on hand. The pearls are high quality and they look really good. You can go with a big but less pearl look, or more but small pearl look which either way is really comfortable. The pearls don’t hurt the hair in anyway or the hair clips does not pull or pinch your hair which is amazing.

Pearl Covered Hair Band

The hair clips are good and all, but sometimes you just want to put all of your hair in a bun and when that is the case, the hair clips are not the way to go. Instead using these amazing hair bands are the way. Besides being really comfortable, the pearls again give the hair band the luxurious look and feel. They feel really good on the hair and the size of it is just the perfect one that you are looking for. Click here to check it out!

Well, there you have it. These are some of the latest and greatest products we have on our store. Make sure you check out our “Not Mug and Socks” section for a lot more.

Thanks for reading. See you on the next one!