Socks are the perfect match for leggings! They provide warmth, comfort and style for a variety of occasions. We have a wide range of socks to choose from here in mug and socks and sometimes we even go so far as to design a pair just for leggings and other times we design them to compliment any outfit.

As leggings get cooler, they are becoming more sophisticated and it's important that you look fashionable while still staying warm. We have knee highs, mid calf, over the calf and many other lengths of socks that are perfect for leggings.

Combine your favorite leggings with a fashionable pair of socks from mug and socks. Socks make you look put together regardless of your attire because they add style to your outfit. They help create the image that you intend to leave, on any occasion. The right pair of socks can help transform the whole look of your outfit and make you stand out among others.

When buying socks and leggins, one has to decide on their own personal taste. Generally, a lot of people prefer the over the calf length because it is more formal. However, there are other people who go for shorter ones that can be worn under boots or even with shorts. Long socks can be worn with boots for those who are going for the more classy look.

Don't worry, we have a lot of different questions and things to make you feel a lot better when choosing the socks. So let's take a look at some frequently asked questions about leggings and socks combo.

What type of socks should I wear with leggings?

Blindingly obvious, but many people – including celebrities – forget that it's important to coordinate your socks with your leggings. In this case, the most important thing is that your socks don't show. We have a few tips for you to keep your socks from showing below.

Can I wear leggings and thin socks together?

It depends on what type of leggings you are wearing – it's best to err on the side of caution and avoid wearing them with thin socks. Thin socks are normally made from a blend of fabrics, and the blend is usually not thick enough to be worn with leggings. It is better to wear a slightly thicker sock that blends into your outfit instead of risking exposing unwanted skin.

Why should I wear thick socks with my leggings?

Thick socks provide warmth and comfort, and they absorb the sweat of your legs. The best type of sock to wear with your leggings is one that is thick enough to keep your feet warm during the winter.

Do I need to wear different socks with different pairs of leggings?

No, you only need to match your socks with the same color of leggings. This ensures that you don't accidentally expose any skin when you put them on.

How many pairs of warm socks should I buy?

This depends on what type of shoes you wear with your leggings, but one pair of thick socks for every two pairs of leggings will usually do. Contour leggings are usually made with a blend and can look like the same pair of leggings in different colors to complement your outfit.

I wear shorts with my leggings, can I wear socks?

Don't take the risk, especially during the winter. It's best to wear socks and a pair of jeans to avoid exposing any skin when you put on your leggings. If you don't want to be cold, then plan on wearing long pants so that your legs aren't exposed.

Do I need to buy a different pair of socks for winter?

It depends. Socks designed with leggings in mind are better than regular socks because they provide more warmth and padding, but you can wear any type of sock you want with your leggings. We have a list of warm socks that work well in the winter here.

I don't want socks showing; how can I wear leggings with my flats?

Flats are more suitable for thin socks, so you don't have to worry about exposing any skin. However, the secret is that you should wear the same color of sock as your leggings. This way, they will blend in and you won't risk showing any unwanted skin.

I have thick calves, can I wear leggings and socks?

If your calves are big, then you should wear a longer leg so that it helps to mask any excess skin. If they are too short, then it will not only accentuate your calves, but it can also expose your socks. To avoid this, you can wear boots in the winter or opt to wear socks that reach your knees. In the summer, you should wear a very light sock as opposed to a thicker one.

What types of socks go well with leggings?

The perfect pair of leggings has to look good and fit perfectly. We have a selection of the best socks that you can wear with your leggings here.

Hope these questions helped you with your unanswered questions. Go ahead, buy a pair of whatever socks you want from our website and style it with your leggings! You will not regret it!

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