If you have a love for sneakers and want to take them to the next level, here’s a list of our favorite socks that will match your kicks.

Every sneaker lover has a specific way in which they prefer their footwear, but there is one thing that most people agree on: the small details matter. This includes the type of laces, the kind of socks, and even what you do with your house slippers. However, many people go without wearing any sort of socks with their sneakers. Anyone who owns a pair of sneakers knows that this is a crime against mankind. Sneakers are meant to be worn in all seasons and in various situations, but the best way to wear them is if they are paired with some awesome socks.

There are some truly awesome sock styles for us sneakerheads out there. The only difficult part is knowing which ones you should buy. In order to help you guys out, we compiled a list of our favorite socks. Whether you want to add a little style to your kicks or add some much needed padding, these socks are sure to help.

Camo Socks

If there is one thing that you want to wear with your sneakers, it's camo. The most obvious way to do this is by wearing a pair of camo socks. This is the best way to show off your love for the forces of nature while giving yourself some extra insulation on your feet. However, there are essentially two kinds of camo socks: military and camouflage.

Military camo, or ACU, is what most people know as camo. This type of camouflage comes in all shapes and sizes. A lot of these patterns were designed by the military for use with their uniforms, but they are also some of the best designs for camo socks. This type of clothing is meant to be durable and strong; both characteristics that are useful in a pair of socks. These socks are meant to protect your feet from rain, snow, and the elements while looking good at the same time.

Ankle Socks

There are some people who have no taste whatsoever. If you hate the look of camo but still want to look good while you stand outside, these socks are for you. These socks blend military and camo designs together, giving you the best of both worlds. They are made to compliment your shoes, but they can also work as a nice alternative after a crazy night out on the town.

Long Socks

As much as we love camo, there are also some people that just adore the look of long socks. Long socks are great because they can be worn with almost anything. You can wear them with just about any kind of shoe, which means that you could even wear them with your sneakers. The length of these socks will come out just below your knees. This is great for people who don't want to show off their ankles but still want to have a little extra coverage on their feet.

Short Socks

Okay, so you don't like the look of long socks. However, you still want to wear a pair of socks with your shoes. You should take a look at these short socks. They are worn right under the ankle bone and will come out just before your shoes start. These are great for people who want to protect their feet without looking like they've fallen down the rabbit hole. These are also great if you just prefer to have a little extra room in your shoes.

Tight Socks

Some people don't want to show off their ankles but they also don't want to wear long socks either. If this is the case, tight socks are the way to go. These socks are shorter than they are tall, which means that they will be perfect for your sneakers or any other type of shoes that you want to wear these with. You can't go wrong with these. They will look good and won't show off too much of your ankle.

Lacy Socks

Another common thing that people tend to overlook when it comes to socks is their lacy designs. The fact is that there are amazing lacy socks out there that can match any type of shoe or sneaker. There are some socks that actually come right out of a fairy tale as they feature lace patterns all over the place. You can actually combine camo with laces as well, as some of the camo patterns have lacy designs on them. No matter what you're looking for, there's a chance that you'll find it in a pair of lacy socks.



Some people want the look of a sock but don't actually want to wear a sock. These people can turn to socklets for this problem. Socklets are made up of two pieces: a top and a bottom. You can wear these much like you would wear a pair of regular socks. The only difference is that they are made up of two separate components instead of one. This totally eliminates the need for laces and prevents you from having to wear something too tight on your ankles.

Boot Socks

If you want some extra cushion on your feet, but don't want to cover your entire ankle with a pair of socks, boot socks are the answer for you. These socks are worn right under the shoes and will be combined with other socks to add extra padding to your feet. However, they do add a little bit of style too.

Padded Socks

If you want a serious increase in comfort, these socks may be the best ones for you. They provide a lot of padding that will help you keep your feet warm and safe from any harm that might come their way.

This is the list for sneaker lovers out there. Be sure to take a look through this list to find the perfect pair of socks that you need before you go out and buy that next pair of sneakers. These are all high quality socks, so you know that you're getting something worth the money. If these are not for you, you can always check out other amazing options from here!