Socks can be a tricky addition to our outfit, competing for attention with clothes and shoes. What to do when you have mismatched socks? Should you just leave them as they are? What options are available if you want to change your look?

This blog discusses how to style odd socks, complete with options for both men and women. It also tells you what colors go great together or don't work well at all.

I'm going to start this blog with a question that you might have been angsting over: Do odd socks matter? And if they do, what makes them odd? What kind of odd is it? Is it the color combination, or the texture? Where is the odd sock on your foot? Does it matter if it's too short or too long? What if it's neither short nor long enough to go with your shoes but too large to be considered a sock at all. Don't you feel nervous just thinking about them.

Why do socks matter?

They're an important part of a well-fitting outfit. There are times when you need to be dressed to match your shoes, such as for formal occasions and travel. Or, there are times when sartorial accessories can complete an outfit. Consider the necktie, cuff links, scarf or vest. Odd socks can add visual interest and color to your outfit. One sock might be all blue, while the other one is red. A pair of socks in a contrasting color and texture can add punch to an outfit.

So, why not make odd socks happen? Maybe you just made a mistake with the color but still have the other sock. Or maybe it's perfectly fine but is too long for your shoes. Or you are looking for a pair of exhibitionist socks that you could wear on vacation when your spouse isn't home or in the company of others who will object to their presence.

Color combinations also matter. For example, take the coordinating palette of red and blue. Consider the color combination of blue and yellow, red and green, or even purple and orange. The possibilities are endless! You can create a unique look.

Colors that don't go together should be the first to be eliminated. Just imagine how a pair of red and green socks would look like on your feet! You'll definitely want to eliminate them right away.

You might think color is the only thing that matters, but there are also other aspects you need to consider such as texture. Some socks, such as those made of wool and cashmere, don't feel good when worn. They're too rough and scratchy, unlike the smooth cotton socks. Other socks are too thin or too puffy for comfort.

Different fabrics also provide different comfort levels. You might love the way a pair of socks feels when you put it on your feet but others will be unhappy with their length or texture. You might want to wear a pair of socks but the seams might irritate your skin.

For different occasions, you might want to take into account the environment or activity that you are engaging in. Will your socks be comfortable when you're walking barefoot? Or will they feel okay if you're just wearing them around the house? Are they comfortable enough for running or playing sports?

Socks are supposed to be used in coordination with matching shoes such as sneakers, loafers and boots. Each type of shoe has its own style, which is why you pair them up with socks of the same fabric.

Socks are worn to protect your feet from blisters and chafing, but they also make your feet look good in your shoes. They are made in such a way that the sock is fitted to each type of shoe.

For those who love fashion, this is a real treat. You can either wear odd sock colors or just have fun mixing different gauges or textures on one foot. There are many ways to wear odd socks. You can just wear them with your favourite shoes or boots. Sometimes, you would just like to try something new.

You can also pair up odd socks and tuck them into your shoes for a more refined look, perhaps if you're attending an important event in the city or you're going to a formal party. If the event is informal, then the red sock will work great with black or grey shoes while the blue one will match well with brown or beige ones.

You can have fun with socks that you have in different sizes, different lengths, different gauges and textures. You can mix them up even more with accessories such as scarves, belts and ties. Add a bit of colour here or there to make your outfit pop.

If you like a pair of shoes then you'll probably want the odd sock to match it perfectly. You don't want an odd sock that's too short or too long because it will distract from the whole look.

So, it is all up to you and how brave you are! Just pick the one you want and go for it! The stage is yours!

Thanks for reading! See you on the next one!