How can a sock boost your mood? If you are tired of the same old socks, you should try out our colorful fun socks. Because, as you know, what we wear is a reflection of our mood. So, here are some of them!

- 5 Pairs of Women's Smiley Face Socks

 This amazing set includes 5 different color schemes that can fit to any day of the work days. Having the different color options will give you the ability to use it in any outfit that you have. We all have our favorite colors and sometimes, we want to go colorful! So, try out these amazing socks with your colorful outfits to give that mood a boost. You can check them out, right here!

- 5 Pairs of Colorful Chick Socks

Everyone loves little cute chickens, right? They are so cute! With their little feet and cute walks... Anyway, if you are into patterned socks, then these ones are the way to go! They are made with cotton, which makes it really comfortable to wear. It comes with 5 different color schemes and different detailed chicks to go with it! If you want to check it out, click right here!

- 7 Pairs of Fruit Patterned Socks

This amazing 7 set comes with 7 different socks that has 7 different fruits! One for each day! Plus, the socks being colorful gives it the ability to combine with different outfits. They are also made with cotton which makes it really comfortable to wear. You don't have to wear the matching pairs too! The socks are interchangeable which means you can wear a banana sock on the left foot, and a cherry sock on the right! If you want to check it out, click right here!

- 7 Pairs of Cartoon Socks

Cartoons are everybodies childhood! If you are like us and sometimes like to remember the good old days with some humor, then this sock pack is for you. It has Winnie, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and some of the other favorite characters of everybody! It can also be a really good gift set for someone that always has a really bad mood. If you are also someone who is grumpy, time to time, then try some of them! Right here!

- 3 Pairs of Cute Animals Socks

We love animals, all types of them! If you are a cat lover, a dog lover or a weird creature that looks like a cuddle machine, then this amazing pack is for you. They are made both with cotton and polyester which makes it both really comfortable and really stretchy. The base color white goes very good with the images on them and just looking at the animals will make you smile instantly. So, if you are a fan of patterned socks, then they are a must! They will definently brighten your mood! Right here!

- 5 Pairs of Villian Socks

Even though they are villians, most people have a favorite in them. For us, it is Jason Voorhees. Such a cool character with a background story to go with. If you love villians, like we do, then this sock set is for you! They are made with cotton which makes it easy to wash and wear. Being a colorful set, it makes it easy to combine with different outfits. It can be used as an everyday outfit, also with jeans. So, if you are a fan of villians, look for this sock set. Click right here!

There you have it! These are some of the best socks for you to wear which has some colors on them to give your outfit and your mood that amazing pop you sometimes need. If you want to check out more of our socks, click right here! We also have a "Not Mug and Socks" section in our store that you can check out. We have a lot of beanies and mugs that you can also use with your socks for the extra style and mood.

Thanks for reading. See you on the next one!