Well, we all know that the winter brings snow, snow brings wet clothes and wet clothes bring flu and sickness. So, in this blog, we will talk about some of the things that you can do in order to get the most out of your clothes and socks on a snowy day to wear it non-stop and without getting sick. Let's begin!

1. Carry a Waterproof Bag with Some Extra Clothes

This first tip is really basic but, since you are going out, or when you go out, and if it is snowing, then the clothes you wear may go really really wet from all of that snowing. So, bringing a bag with some fresh pants and socks can always save the day. We know that sometimes carrying a bag might be hard but, it is an essential if you are planning to walk for a while in a snowy environment.

2. Carry Some Tea with You

If you are going out for a sit-down in the porch kind of a situation, then grab yourself a cool mug, check out our store, and put some nice calming tea inside it. The hot tea can keep you warm when you are sitting down under a snowy location. Of course, having a little bit of coverage would be nice, since the snow might fall into your mug but, anyway... Moving on!

3. Wear the Right Socks and Outfits

Now, this one is important. When it's snowing, even though we wear our boots and other thick shoes, our feet and socks can get wet. Also, not every clothing is as protective as they can be. So, let's start with the socks. You can use wool socks under your boots. Some people may not enjoy that. The wool might make your feet feel really thight in boots, so if you are one of those people, then I would highly recommend you to check out some thermal socks instead. These socks can also be made with wool so, try to find one that is not so thick. Also other materials such as acrylic can be used. These types of socks can keep your feet warm and reduce the amount of wateriness on your feet that might make your stomach hurt later on. For clothes, try to find some long jackets that can also cover your legs a little bit. In cold, even though we may not realize, the wind can really effect our upper leg region, so it is important to protect it. Underneath, you can put on some sweater to get that extra warmth, or you can go for a sweatshirt to get that everyday look going. But, like we said, it is extremely important to go for a long jacket that can protect your upper legs. 

4. Don't Forget the Ears and the Neck

Most people don't think about it but you can feel really cold if your head, neck or ears are exposed. If that is the case, wear a scarf and cover your ears with this amazing ear muff to get the most protection that you can. If you want the best of the both worlds, then you can go for a beanie like this to both cover your ears and head. We have a lot of other styles to so, you can check out the "Not Mug and Socks" section for more protection from the cold.

5. Gloves!

Okay, you may think that it is weird for us to include the gloves in another topic, but for us, it is something different. Most people don't feel the cold in their hands at all. They pick up snow, they hold ice really easily so, not many people think about it. But for us, the gloves also play a really important role in the keeping your self warm act. Especially wool, the gloves can make you feel extremely warm if warn right. What I mean by right is that if you are planning to wear a wool glove on a snowy day, then the gloves will not have any effect on your hands, or if you are planning to go out and play in the snow with some wool gloves, it will not keep your hands warm. Wool gloves are just for walking, going for a cup of coffee, or sitting down. If you are more into doing some snow-work, then the thermal gloves are the way to go. But, like we said, always wear one to feel extra cozy and warm.

Well, there you have it. These are our most important tips to use when going out in the snow. You can also check out our other blogs right here for some other clothing, mug and socks related tips!

Thanks for reading! See you on the next one!