Here in mug and socks, we take coffee really serious. Do you? If so, you probably have a mug that has served you well. And if that's the case, then it is time for an upgrade.

Maybe you're looking for a new mug to bring with you on your commute, or maybe you need an upgrade that is guaranteed to keep your coffee at just the right temperature. Whatever it is that's bringing you here, we have what you need.

Mugs are a household staple, and while they may only be used for drinking warm beverages, there’s a lot more you can do with them. In this blog, we explore some of the many different ways to put your mug to good use!

We keep a collection of mugs in our homes for using when we need something hot or cold. From kitchenware, housewarming gifts, and souvenirs from our travels - mugs are one of those containers that seem to have endless potential.

Let’s look at ways you can use your mug in your home so it is always put to good use!

1. Make it a pencil cup:

If you have a large supply of pens and pencils or maybe even both, then you’ll want to keep them in something that makes it easy to find what you need quickly. A mug may be the perfect cup to fill with your pencils so you can easily scoop one out without having to search around.

2. Use it as a candleholders:

Mugs are often big enough to hold candles, and if you really don’t like this idea, smaller mugs can easily be used as the candleholder in a candlestick holder.  Candlelight is warm and it doesn’t take up much space when compared to other lighting options - candles actually make great mood lighting.  In addition to holding the candle, you can stick a spoon or even a tea bag into the mug to help keep it steady.

3. Use a mugs as plant pots:

While it may sound silly, these mugs are great for putting flowers into if you don’t have a vase handy. And since they’re big enough to hold a lot of flowers, this is a great way of making any room look lovely on a whim. If you have some small seeds then you can easily use your mugs as planters as well! This is especially the case if you have a small collection of mugs to choose from.

4. Color code them:

Colors are a great way to organize your mugs.  You can use color coding to help you find something quickly and easily, and if you have a selection of different colors that you’ll be using, it’s easier to determine where something is.

5. Use them to make baked goods:

If you want to use your mugs as a way of holding ingredients for your baked goods then you’ll have to choose mugs that are big enough for what you need. This can be great for small families or even people who like to bake on the side.

6. Use them to organize the dishes:

If you want to store your mugs away but don’t have a lot of space then you can use them as a way of organizing the rest of your dishes when they’re not being used.

7. Use them to make items more comfortable:

If you have items such as trays that are quite hard then you can add soft padding with mugs.  The mug will provide extra comfort for whoever is using the tray and it’s also easy to clean up after.

8. Heat up food:

If you’re cold, or simply just want a warmer container to use for food, then you can use a mug to heat up the contents.  Put your mug of food on the stove over low heat and it will warm up much quicker than a saucepan.

9. Store things in them:

When you place your mug on the shelf next to items to store, you can make use of the space that isn’t taken by the mug. You’ll be able to store extra items down there, or even look for things when you need them without reaching all the way down to see if they’re there.

10. Add decorative accents:

If you’re storing things down in the mug then you can use small decorative items that you may have to make your display more beautiful.

So, even though most people prefer to use a mug to drink coffee or other beverages, there are still a lot of things you can do with them. Find the mug that works for you in the way that you want to use it! Check out our website for the brand new mugs that we have, right here!