With all of the seasons comes the appropriate attire. Even if you're not a fashionista, there are certain rules when it comes to dressing for different weather conditions. Not following these simple rules can result in showing up to work wearing sandals and a sweater instead of socks with shoes and pants.

This list will walk you through choosing which type of sock is best for your summer activities, so read on!

Designers sometimes use their creativity to come up with the best-looking socks. For example, pleated socks are cute and fashionable, but they won't help your feet feel any better!

1. Socks whose tops are made from knitted fabric

These types of socks are most appropriate for the summer season. Knitted socks have no seams and have a seamless look that's very soft, but they don't provide any added benefits. In addition, not all material provides the same level of comfort and moisture absorption. For example, bamboo is a very pleasant material to wear in the summertime as it helps cool your feet down as well as keeps them dry.

2. Socks with open toes

These socks will provide your feet with the most comfort during summer activities. The socks are best worn during the summer as they help keep air circulation high so your feet don't sweat. However, these socks are not suitable if you plan on working out or exercising. These activities could cause an increase in perspiration, which will be perfectly visible through the sock openings.

3. Socks made from cotton blends are a good choice for summer as well.

These socks are great for keeping your feet dry and cool. However, if you plan on being outside a lot or working out, this might not be the best option for you as these socks can cause an increase in perspiration. In addition, these socks are great at keeping your feet dry but not at preventing odors from building up so they must be washed frequently to avoid smelling like worn gym socks.

4.  Socks with synthetic materials like nylon or Lycra are also good choices for summer weather.

These socks are great for hot weather because they are made from strong materials that won't break down like cotton or wool. They also have a touch of spandex, which keeps them flexible and as soft and light as possible. These types of socks do not have to be washed often so odor might build up on them and may cause an unpleasant smell. However, these socks are best for indoor activities as they are less breathable; therefore perfect for work or school environments.

5. Socks made from synthetic materials like nylon or Lycra are also a good choice for winter climates.

These socks are excellent for cold weather and will keep your feet very warm. They are also light and flexible, which makes working out or performing strenuous tasks much easier while wearing them. The socks also help to prevent odors as they do not absorb moisture like cotton socks or woolen ones so they won't smell in the warmer time of year.

Rather then sock types, you should be considering about what activities are you doing that day and in what kinds of weather. In the summer, when it is hot, it's best to wear socks. From work to walking around town, choose the sock that is best for your conditions.

If you are doing sports, then you should wear tennis shoes with socks. Baseball, basketball and soccer players should wear socks that offer protection and cushioning, believe me they will give you the most comfort possible. However, even if all of these things are not done in, try to wear a different sock than what is shaped for your sport. Wear a thin wool or cotton sock to work your feet will stay cooler and dryer.

If you are going on a party or an event, you should wear different color socks, which makes you more attractive. Try to choose a pair of socks that are different from your pants color, this will make you look smarter.