Okay, we can say that the winter is here! It is really cold. It snows and every part of our body is freezing. So, we prepared a list to keep you warm in this cold season to get you going throughout the day. Let's begin.

1. Wool Coat

We are starting the list out with a wool coat because it is a must for everybody to keep warm in this freezing season. Even though a lot of people wear their puffer coats a lot, we always recommend that you have a classic wool coat on the wardrobe because it can take you anywhere from the office to a coffee shop to get that daily caffeine. It is the perfect outfit to basically wear anywhere. A classic color such as black, camel or grey, or go little crazy with red, pink, blue! It is all up to you!

2. Winter Boots

When the feet gets cold or wet, the day becomes miserable. There is no potential way to recover from that sadness. So, to keep the feet warm and dry, there must be a winter boot to go with the rest of your outfit. There are also a lot of different. color options that you can go to, but like always, you can never go wrong with a classic light brown, dark brown or a black. Paired with a wool coat, you will look stylish as well and your feet will always be warm. Besides, having a cold or wet feet may give you a bad tummy later on. So make sure you are definently wearing a waterproof or thick boots to keep that tummy happy as well.

3. Scarves

Most people don't really think about scarves when going out but in reality, scarves can give you a lot of protection from the cold. Plus, they are really stylish. It is an amazing accessory to use and it can fit to any location. You can find a lot of different scarves from anywhere that can range from wool to other materials. Also, being an accessory gives it the ability to be colorful. This means you can easily style any scarf with any outfit. Besides styling, scarves can give you a lot of protection in your neck area, which if mistreated can affect your body a lot. So, make sure you take care of that neck with a beautiful, colorful scarf on daily basis.

4. Gloves

When it is really cold out, it is really hard for a person to use his/her phone, because the coldness makes your hand unfunctional! To save yourself in a situation like that, you should definently use some gloves. They come in different styles such as a fingerless; which gives you the ability to use your fingers in any way, tech gloves; which is not open like the fingerless ones, but kinda works in a same way, meaning that the fingertips of the gloves are usable on a phone, giving you the option to keep your whole hand warm while using your mobile device, or wool gloves; which for us is the best option if you are not planning to play in the snow. Wool is always the best material in a cold season so, if you are experiencing some issues like your hand being cold, you should definently go for one of these 3 options.

5. Sweaters

Unlike a regular sweatshirt, sweaters will keep you warmer. The material makes it so that it is both comfortable and stylish. Sweaters also come in different styling options such as stripes or patterns, which makes the styling part very easy. Going for a classic black look is a must to try if you are going for a work-like look. Check them out!

6. Beanies

Ears and overall head is also really important! When your ears get cold, it is also extremely hard to make them warm again. You can fix this problem by keeping a beanie with you all the time when it's cold. If you are going for a everyday look, beanies are also really stylish and cool to wear! You can use different colors to make it pop and if it gets really hot in your head, the size of it makes it really easy to carry! We have a lot of great options in our store so, if you want to have an idea of what is really up-to style at the moment, check out our store! Right here!

So, there you have it! These are some of the essentials that you should have when you are going out in a really cold day!

Besides that, don't forget your tea with you! If you are going to have a little break session from work, keep your amazing mug with you and drink some tea while you are at it! Keeping yourself warm is extremely important this season!

Don't get sick, and have an awesome day! Thanks for reading! See you on the next one!