When we think about winter, the first thing comes to mind is the image of us, looking outside the window to watch the snow and a good cup of tea that can keep us warm. But it is not only the snow and the tea that provide heat! Don't forget about the socks too. In the summer, we have dry feet and socks that can keep our feet warm for a long time. Then there are winter. The temperature drops to -20°C. We wear light layers, but the socks must be thicker to keep us warm and not make us sweat while we are out of the house.

If you want to stay warm on those cold winter mornings and evenings, go out and pick up some wool socks! Wool is a fibre that is sheared from the sheep. It is strong, warm, and moisture-wicking. Wool socks can be very thin while keeping you warm and it has many uses because it can keep you safe from cold, heat, fire and electricity. Due to its features, wool is used in medicine such as casts or bandages for wounds because of their moisture-wicking ability. It keeps patients cool but not wet when they sweat.

Wool socks are an excellent choice for the winter season, because they absorb and retain body heat very well. The fact that wool retains heat so well makes it an ideal material for socks, which bear cold temperatures. Wool also provides great moisture regulation, keeping your feet dry and warm all the time. There are many benefits to wearing wool socks during the wintertime: buffering against climatic extremes, warming up against the cold, and drying out wet feet.

Why should we choose the wools socks at winter?

Wool fibers are naturally hydrophilic, which helps them absorb and retain moisture. This is the reason why wool socks absorb sweat and repel rain. They are very effective at keeping your feet dry in wet weather, reducing the risk of foot fungus or athlete's foot. Wool also insulates well against heat. The air in your socks traps the body heat and keeps it near your feet. This allows you to wear fewer layers of socks, which means less bulk.

Wool is also a good fabric for cold winter weather because it is able to replace the skin's natural oils and moisture during wear. The moisture that wool absorbs during washing, or that enters the fibers during wear is then released back into the air once you take off your socks. This allows you to use fewer socks, and also means that your socks keep your feet warmer.

Wool isn't just for one season either. Wool has been a material in the clothing industry for thousands of years, even before the invention of wool. The Romans were using wool for clothes and socks as early as 200 AD. This means that the material has been tested and proven over centuries to be effective and useful.

How to wash the wools socks?

Washing the wool socks are simple process that is easy to do at home by yourself. Wool can be washed in the washing machine or on the hand and it's up to you. The best way is to wash it in a washing machine because it helps eliminating lint, dirt and other impurities from the fibers, which are your best option for dry wool socks. The wools socks that you buy should be totally dry before you put them on to wear, because it will help from sweat forming on your feet and also keeps you warm when wearing.

Can I style it for outside wear?

Styling the wool socks with outfits is not a problem at all. All you need to know is that the wools make better outfits when worn with jeans or leather shoes, it will make a good outfit. Wool socks are easy to match with almost any kind of style, so you should know that wool socks always look good.

Wearing shoes with wool socks

You should consider wearing shoes with wool socks when you are going outside. If it is a warm day, the wools will keep your feet warm. The boots and shoes made of wool are not just for winter, they can be worn in the summer too. You will not feel the cold that much, because your feet can still be warm and comfortable even if you are wearing a thick pair of boots or shoes made of wool.

Things to consider when wearing wool socks

When selecting your wool socks, you should consider several factors before making a purchase. Here are some things to consider:

  • The thickness of the wool socks you buy. Wool is not very thick, but it may be difficult to wear if you buy one without considering this factor.
  • When washing the wool socks, it is important to check the label on the packaging. Do not put them in a dryer, because it will shrink and lose its moisture, making your feet feel colder than they should. You should let them dry naturally, or hang them in the shade. Warm air will help dry your wool socks faster and make your feet feel warmer.
  • Wear single thicker wool socks to be warm, because double layers of thin fabrics are not enough in cold weather. When you buy two pairs of wool socks make sure they have the same thickness to avoid coldness on your toes when wearing one pair at a time.
In general, wool socks are a great choice for cold weather. There are many uses of wool socks such as being waterproof, but also offers a good amount of warmth. You should treat yourself to a pair of wool socks every year, so that you can continue to keep your feet comfortable and warm throughout the winter months!