Mugs and Socks Careers

Now we invite you to show some empathy. Don't worry it will be very simple.
Lets begin!

Your shoe size is 38, and they're trying to sell you size 37 shoes. You have to take this. Somehow you got this shoe and you're going to wear it until it gets old. If you think about the condition of your feet, wouldn't you be in a lot of pain? Feet is one of the anatomical limbs that people need to be most comfortable with. If your feet are not comfortable, you cannot focus on any work. You cannot relax, you are constantly restless. You will also make those around you uncomfortable.

Don't worry! We are not trying to tie the subject to socks and sell you a sock.
We don't want people on our team to wear uncomfortable shoes. If necessary, they can wear 1 size larger. This helps them bring out the potential within. We always welcome people who want to grow their size in our team.

Regardless of their abilities, regardless of their previous experience, we invite the CVs of those who want to grow one size more, push their limits, and add their experience, excitement and fun personality to themselves and us, we’re looking forward for your CV’s to

There is a few more important notes!

- If you say where is my computer, I am there, we offer you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.

- We offer an international team experience.

- We do not have conditions such as full time or part time work. As long as you complete your work, you can complete your work whenever you want and you can set your own working hours.

We look forward for your application!

Hope to see you 😊