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3 Pairs Socks Humorous Kitties Patterned Unisex
3 Pairs Socks Humorous Kitties Patterned Unisex
3 Pairs Socks Humorous Kitties Patterned Unisex


3 Pairs Socks Humorous Kitties Patterned Unisex

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Humorous kitties, a fine pair of sneakers, and your free soul! This is the perfect combination to look cool and wear quality socks! You're in luck!
  • 53% Cotton 45% Micropolyester 2% Elastane
  • Does not contain any harmful paint. 
  • No pattern loss after washing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lily Branch

Awesome designs and great quality! My cat loved them more than me seeing as she can't stop biting my feet.. lol😂

kate simons

omg they r so cute! thanks for the fast shipping as well!

Sarah J.

The colors are great and the pattern is just as they seem in the pictures, i liked them a lot.

Hughie Brewer

I love wearing them they are the cutest! They did not fade after washing so that's great too!


When asked about your most valuable things in life, do you easily answer? Or do you think about it for a while and choose the first thing that comes to mind? Well, not us! We can say right away that our Mugs and Socks are the most valuable things for us cause we’re not going anywhere without our socks and happiness for us is when we sip from our favorite mug feeling the warmth of it. Yes, it’s that simple and happiness is hidden in the simplest things. They look great in pictures too so what else to wish for?!

What do we do if our feet get cold?