5 Pairs Socks - Extra Soft Socks - Gift Box Set - Unisex


5 Pairs Socks - Extra Soft Socks - Gift Box Set - Unisex

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These extra soft socks will add a touch of color to your life while making your feet feel more comfortable than ever!

Package Includes : 

All colors seen in the photo.

Product: 71% cotton - 24% polyamide - 5% elastane
Product features: - Made of first quality cotton. - With hygienic washing, they have superior softness and prevent bacteria formation in your feet. - Can be used safely with all shoes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
they came out so nice!

The colors are very cute just as they look. I was a little hesitant at first but they came out very nice. Thank you!

Lorelai G.

so soft and so cute!

Lilly S.

They are a little thinner than they look on the photo, but the colors are the cutest.

Ella Sll
Baby Colors

I love pastel tones!

Jennifer C.
Thank you to customer service!

I bought two different sets of socks and one came different. I hadn't noticed. Customer service contacted me and sent the correct one. They also gifted the other one. Thank you for an amazing experience.


When asked about your most valuable things in life, do you easily answer? Or do you think about it for a while and choose the first thing that comes to mind? Well, not us! We can say right away that our Mugs and Socks are the most valuable things for us cause we’re not going anywhere without our socks and happiness for us is when we sip from our favorite mug feeling the warmth of it. Yes, it’s that simple and happiness is hidden in the simplest things. They look great in pictures too so what else to wish for?!

What do we do if our feet get cold?