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Booties Socks Comic Speech Bubbles Patterned Unisex

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Comics are a really cool way to experience a story. So, styling your comic-themed socks can make people experience you and your story a whole different way! Style it with some colorful everyday outfits to shine!

  • 53% Cotton - 45% Micropolyester - 2% Elastane
  • Does not contain any harmful paint.
  •  No pattern loss after washing.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Fletcher

I love my new socks! They are one of the best pairs I've ever had. I can't wait to buy more from mugandsocks. I'd recommend these to anyone who likes a good pair of socks that last a long time.

Thank you for great customer service!

I wanted to share my experience with everyone because I am reaaly gratefull to mugandsocks support team. I had a rush about my delivery time and asked lots of questions. Every single time they've answered my lightning fast. Thank you so much for your support.

Note: Aand the socks are awesome aswell!!!!

Josiah Elliott

loved it!!!


When asked about your most valuable things in life, do you easily answer? Or do you think about it for a while and choose the first thing that comes to mind? Well, not us! We can say right away that our Mugs and Socks are the most valuable things for us cause we’re not going anywhere without our socks and happiness for us is when we sip from our favorite mug feeling the warmth of it. Yes, it’s that simple and happiness is hidden in the simplest things. They look great in pictures too so what else to wish for?!

What do we do if our feet get cold?